Some Citizens Are More Equal Than Others

Minneapolis CIty Council president Lisa Bender thinks having something worth protecting is…

…well, you know how this goes by now:

Minneapolis is Maoist.

There’s really nothing else to be said.

14 thoughts on “Some Citizens Are More Equal Than Others

  1. Another brain dead libidiot. If they pull this off, Minneapolis might as well board everything up and shut it down. I think even the libidiot law firms will move elsewhere.

  2. What an appalling maroon! And she Leads the city council!

    Ms Bender was also interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, here’s ans excerpt;

    Blitzer began by pressing Bender on what it means “to dismantle the Minneapolis police department,” to which Bender responded in part by saying, “our community is ready to re-imagine public safety from the ground up to think holistically and to make sure every single member of our community is safe.”

    read more here:

  3. “In the middle of the night, my home is broken into.”

    If she wasn’t there, she wouldn’t know it was happening in real time, and the time of day if happened wouldn’t matter. So the question assumes a home invasion robbery of an occupied dwelling, owned by a young woman living alone.

    That’s not just about “stuff,” Councilwoman.

  4. This marvelous example of the American Higher Education Industrial Complex has been kissed on the lips by ambition and will be pushing her way to the head of the queue when The Wonderful Wizard Of Walz decides retire as Governor. Keep an eye on her, she’s just getting started. Firmly rooted in Lowry Hill she likely has Lori Sturdevant as one of her neighbors and Advisors to guide her.

  5. I agree with Lisa Bender wholeheartedly – but not exactly.

    She should check her liberal privilege, the rest of us should check our magazines.

  6. She surely is yet another (hi Emery) signal that our local Fool Supply has outstripped demand.

    But the _real_ crime here is that hair. I mean, sure, mine looks worse, but that’s why I shave it all off.

  7. Is what happened to George Floyd disgusting? Yes.

    Are there problems with the MPD? Yes.

    Is this a massive overreaction? Yes

    The city is completely lost. Criminals unite.

  8. This is another apologist throwing shade on Floyd’s armed home invasion conviction. He broke into a house and held a *woman* at gunpoint while he ransacked it.

    It goes hand in hand with the opinion that colored people (and white leftists in support thereof) are justified in looting and burning cities. Any time you see a leftist put scare quotes around “riot”, that’s what they are doing.

    It’s liberal insanity writ large, and I mean that literally. Liberals exhibit delusions, which is a mental illness (H tee tee pee ess:\\medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary[dot]com/Delusions), and the longer they mingle among themselves the further they push one another into insanity.

  9. MacArthur,
    Ms. Bender’s problem is that she’s taken the city politics track, not the legislative track. Unless she can make the jump to Congress, a move which is currently blocked by the more intersectional politician Rep. Omar, she can either stay where she is or follow the route of Mayors Hodges and Frey. Run for mayor as the more progressive choice than the current progressive failure, win because of the failure issue more than anything else, and then crash and burn as the mayor because progressive wokeness is not a viable governing strategy. Then be pushed out by the next, progressiver candidate.
    OTOH, if she attempts to push Omar out of Congress that’s really just proof that she’s actually a privileged white racist misogynist.

  10. She’ll have to hope something bad happens to lyin’ scum ball Ryan Winkler.

  11. Bender–who is aptly named in my view–brilliantly illustrates the old college proverb, “if you can’t blind them with brilliance, you can baffle them with b*lls**t.”

    As the proposals come out, I have to wonder what it will take before the state steps in and says “enough; a lot of us have to do business there, and you’re not allowed to make a new Mogadishu right next to the state capitol”. But having grown up 15 miles from Gary, and having not seen Indiana take steps to keep the Chicago transportation corridor safe….I’m not holding my breath.

  12. I’m privileged, I guess, to live in a land where the rule of law mostly lets me go to sleep at night with little fear my house will be broken into or I’ll be assaulted. I don’t see how dismissing that privilege is a good thing.

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