Open Letter To Governor Walz: Therapy

To: Governor Walz
From: Mitch Berg – Former Rock and/or Cow, current Deplorable
Re: “Healing”


Last night, as yet another round of looting began over a false rumor of another police shooting, you tweeted:


You don’t “heal” from cancer while your tumors are still metastatizing.

Minneapolis’s disease is the long-standing tolerance of lawlessness toward political ends.

Every blocked freeway. Every “Anti”-fa outrage given a faint whisper of a slap on the wrist. Every child of the political class whose arson and looting and thuggery gets ignored. Every “progressive” city that declares itself above Federal immigraiton law. Every time you nudge and wink at progressive thugs – the spoiled, entitled, emotionally brittle, violence-prone, over-schooled / under-educated children of our political class (including, it might seem, the daughter of a certain sitting governor), every time you conflate “First Amendment” with “Room to Destroy”, every time you abandon parts of the city to the mob?

Every time you treat minority votes as your chattel?

Every time you and your party treat minority and immigrant neighborhoods as a place for people to take out their real or ginned-up frustrations with fire and baseball bats?

That’s the disease.

There is no healing until the disease is gone.

There will be no “healing” while cities like Minneapolis are nothing but Jimmy’s First Political Experiment Kit, for the political class to twirl the knobs and yank the levers and try to build a “progressive” utopia, rather than places where people live, work, and expect some level of fiscal and social return on the “investment” that is their taxes.

I’m not going to say “progressivism is the disease”.

But it’s the delivery system for everything Minneapolis needs to “heal” from.

That is all.

16 thoughts on “Open Letter To Governor Walz: Therapy

  1. “Every time you and your party treat minority and immigrant neighborhoods as a place for people to take out their real or ginned-up frustrations with fire and baseball bats?”

    This. 100%. I think the entire attitude of liberals, from “we are the saviors to help those neighborhoods” to their own version of destruction through ramming in trains, creating social programs for people to rely on, etc sets the very tone that there is nothing of importance here. The lives of the people are not valued, there is no expectation for improvement.

    Which is exactly why we are where we are. The view of leadership is adopted by the people, both in and out of the neighborhood, both small business owners and police, both would be residents and customers to the businesses.

  2. this from elsewhere on the web:

    Ted Wallerstedt asks:
    Ethically, how much force should you be able to use to defend property?
    Much more than the current zeitgeist allows. Property is the frozen form of life, which one must expend to acquire it. To take or destroy someone’s property is to retroactively enslave them, to take the time and effort they expended for their own sake and turn it to your purpose. That’s evil. It’s as evil as any other form of slavery, and should carry a heavy price. It should be regarded as no less a crime than bodily harm, and therefore subject to similar degrees of self- defense. Defending property *is* defending yourself, as surely as would be resisting your kidnapper.

  3. Pig – I agree with your posted answer. However, that’s not what current MN law is, which is too bad.

    I hope next time this happens, they just send in the snowplows again (used during the 2008 RNC as mobile crowd barriers). They put razor wire above the blades, and were able to herd the miscreants around. Then again, they had a much more defined area they knew they’d be operating in. And also, Timmy P was in charge then.

  4. Pig: additionally, the narrative that BLM is pushing is that property is white privilege, no matter how hard you worked to acquire it.

    SMH is correct. You cannot use your carry permit weapon to defend against property crime, only to defend against imminent bodily injury or death. Business owners are not allowed to shoot looters and rioters to stop them from damaging their business. If you had the unfortunate occurrence of parking your car where a riot erupts, and you witness rioters damaging your car? You cannot shoot them. You cannot even try to fight them off, because now you are the attacker. You’ll likely get filmed and they’ll report you to the authorities when they slink back into their mother’s basement.

  5. I was reading a bit on forcible felony, looks like about the only place it is on the books is FL. I was unfamiliar, but “Forcible felony” means treason, first degree murder, second degree murder, predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, aggravated criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual assault, robbery, burglary, residential burglary, aggravated arson, arson, aggravated kidnapping, or kidnapping.

    So, if you see someone about to throw a Molotov cocktail at a property, you are legally allowed (and I would say morally required) to engage due to threat of life. How do we get this on the books in MN?

  6. I hate the city. I hate this city. I hate this city. I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this cityI hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.I hate this city.

    Have I made my feelings clear? Also Fuck Walz an Frey, criminal charges should be brought against them for their incompetence.

  7. SMH: Elect a strong conservative republican governor like Jeff Johnson and get back republican control of the house, or remove squishy RINOs like Gazelka from senate leadership, and increase both house and senate republican amounts to veto-proof majorities.

    4 months ago, I would have said not a chance in hell of Walz losing in 2022. Now I’m not so sure about that, IF we get the right republican to oppose him. If the MN GOP runs Gazelka or Daudt? Guaranteed 4 more years of Walz.

    I haven’t yet heard any whispers or rumors of who is looking to run against Walz in 2022, has anyone else?

  8. At 6:30, Saint Paul announced an 8:00 p.m. curfew. Why do we have a curfew? Because of riots in Minneapolis.

    How about instead of locking down innocent citizens, you lock up the damned rioters?

  9. “I have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police: when I take the oath of office next year, I will restore law and order to our country. Believe me. Believe me.” ~ Donald Trump’s 2016 RNC speech.

    Someone should tell his speechwriter who the president is now.

  10. ^^^ First mention of Trump in the post of the comments: Emery’s 9:07 pm post. Took him a long time today to start thread-jacking.

    “A fanatic is someone who refuses to change his mind, and won’t change the subject.” Or in this case, ALWAYS changes the subject to the man living rent-free in his head.

  11. To Emery’s silly comment: obviously the presidents 2016 comment was hyperbole. He can only control or enforce things under federal jurisdiction. This means when rioters attack federal property, he puts them in vans to cool off. When rioters cross state lines to start fires, he puts them in vans to cool off. When foreign nationals cross the border of the United States without proper authorization, he returns them to the nearest access point. He also has worked proactively to erect a defensive structure to discourage this.

    When individual states refuse to enforce their own ratified laws and the criminals are not committing federal crimes, there isn’t much he can do. In reality I’m glad this balance exists as it highlights insufficiency in local leadership, and also keeps the president from doing what he wants when and wherever he wants.

    That’s all.

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  13. As an illustration of what real state leadership looks like, yesterday, the Idaho legislature voted to open the state up and drop all mask requirements. Yet another option for freedom loving patriots to escape to from Minnesotastan.

  14. It seems that every one of these “peaceful protesters” that get arrested, has a criminal record. It seems domestic violence and abuse of children, is a common crime on their rap sheets. The miscreant that stabbed a black conservative journalist in Portland, was released on bail, paid for by woke celebrities and the money behind the riots, despite having a lengthy rap sheet, including pedophilia.

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