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  1. is this just a general observation or does it refer to a particular incident?

  2. I don’t see what’s so wrong with government forces gassing citizens or grabbing them off the street. The Chinese do it all the time.

  3. Pig, I believe it is a general observation since I have not heard of this happening in the US – yet.

  4. “Democrats new chanting point.”
    I’d heard that after things “intensified” authorities were doing “spot welfare checks” during the mostly peaceful demonstrations using mobile unmarked “Care Stations”.

    Playing with the language is a game anyone can play.

  5. JD: I think their chanting points will revolve around Trump’s epic failure to implement timely policies to protect Americans from a worldwide pandemic.

    Remember how you said you’d rather die than vote for Hillary?

    Well here we are.

    Reported US coronavirus deaths on date:

    Feb. 28: 0 deaths
    Mar. 28: 2,043 deaths
    Apr. 28: 58,356 deaths
    May 28: 101,937 deaths
    Jun. 28: 125,799 deaths
    Jul. 28: 149,234 deaths

    5 months ago
    “It’s going to disappear.” ~ Donald Trump

  6. Emery;
    You continue to show what a pathetic loser you are.

    Let’s see you stand in the street or on a sidewalk, with thirty or so left wing “protesters” closing in on you, throwing frozen water bottles, batteries, shooting fireworks at you or shining lasers in your eyes and see what you do. Idiot.

  7. We’re on track for 200,000 deaths by the end of October.

    200,000 dead is not a “winning” campaign slogan

  8. emery
    we were on track to have less than 100,000 deaths at the end of May, then “progressives” started staging massive“intense, mostly peaceful demonstrations” while eschewing all the safety precautions Dr Fauci had prescribed for us up to that point and suddenly there was no more talk of flattening the curve and the case count exploded – that sounds like a “winning” campaign for Sleepy Joe!

  9. Trump’s the incumbent— it’s his race to lose.

    That said — I might sleep better at night with “Sleepy Joe” in the WH.

  10. there’s the best news of the day! Trump is ruining Emery’s sleep — hot damn.

  11. Feb. 28: 0 deaths
    Mar. 28: 2,043 deaths
    Apr. 28: 58,356 deaths
    May 28: 101,937 deaths
    Jun. 28: 125,799 deaths
    Jul. 28: 149,234 deaths

    – Emery

    Now break that down by deaths in metropolitan areas exclusively controlled by Democrats…. I mean, gosh, Minneapolis could have implemented a mask mandate on March 1, but it didn’t.

    Minneapolis could have reined in it’s police union too – but it didn’t.

    Why should the progressive political class govern – when all they have to do is blame Trump for their failures?

    And why not blame Trump? It works because progressives are stupid enough to believe it.

  12. 200,000 dead -:- 330,000,000 Americans = .00060 x 100 = 0.06%, rounded to the nearest whole number . . . . zero.

    Covid (even using the phony numbers) has killed zero percent of Americans.

    It simply is not a national crisis. It’s a bad flu, made worse by Democrat policies of packing at-risk seniors into Killing Zones formerly know as ‘rest homes.’

    The existence of the virus is not a hoax; the panic response is a Democrat hoax intended to hurt Trump’s election chances. I predict the hysteria will end after the recounts, when it’s no longer useful to prevent his re-election. Instead, they will shift to a strategy to demand his removal, probably impeachment for income tax fraud.

    You heard it here first.

  13. Perspective: St. Louis Has 12 Coronavirus Deaths in July and 47 Homicides in July

    And Mitch, this is YOUR blog, but yet AGAIN and continually, you are allowing a total threadjack. I have no problem having reprobates pummeled into the dirt by the astute readers of this blog. If these reprobate bots did not exist, you would have to invent them. But the LEAST you can do is keep them on-topic. Your choice, regain control or else you will lose whatever readers you have left and will become a footnote on the blog landscape.

  14. Just a reminder that every wealthy nation is reopening and has the virus contained, except us.

  15. Emery,

    I don’t ask much. Clearly, since I’m having to have this “conversation”.

    It’s partly my fault – I’ve let you get away with it. That’s my bad.

    But enough with the thread-jacking. You want to start threads, you can start your own blog and build an audience.

    Hopefully asking will be enough. l

  16. Back to the subject, kinda weird that so many liberals endorse the same policies that led to the Holodomor, Stalin’s purges, the political prisons recorded by Solzhenitsyn and Valladares, the Cultural Revolution, the killing fields….like I noted in another thread, it’s like their history classes never got past 1945 before final exams and summer vacation came or something, and they never bothered to read any of the papers, anything by Solzhenitsyn or Valladares…..don’t remember what came out after the Berlin Wall fell….

    …but you know, they’re the “smart ones”, right?

  17. QED the progressives are suffering from

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    – attr Albert Einstein

  18. Life Hack: a thread is only jacked when someone responds to the troll. Just scroll on by and respond to comments related to the thread and let the attempted jacks wither on the vine. You won’t miss anything of consequence, and everyone is edified.

    Sure, there’ll be some whining and even a tantrum or two, as with any toddler, but this is a “silent” media, and you can ignore those as well.

  19. Emery-“every wealthy nation is reopening and has the virus contained..”. Which would also would include Sweden, which basically did nothing, which in turn blows your narrative. It pays to proof-read before posting…..


    One can find those very same doctors and scientists here

    I especially appreciated the scientist bit, because of science, of course.

  21. The covid-panic people cannot explain reality, so they ignore it. Instead they blather nonsense.
    Today your chance of dying of covid in the US is 3.25 in one million.
    In Sweden it is 0.89 in one million.
    Facts hurt covid-19 panicers.

  22. It’s not scientism, PIg Bodine. Scientism is the belief that science can explain everrything. All Emery believes in is “Trumpism.,” The idea that Donald J. Trump, the duly elected president of the United States, is responsible for all the evil in the world.
    It is the product of disturbed mind and a warped vision of reality. Emery does not bother to defend his insane ramblings because he cannot defend them, because they are not based on reason.
    For example, Emery’s link to his “25 SWEDISH DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS” story takes you to an op-ed. Emery literally cannot tell the difference between reality and opinion.

  23. ^^ I have a laboratory scientist joke, but I am unable to supply it right now.

  24. ^^^ Snark is not a defense of stupid arguments.
    Still think Hillary is going to take Trump by a landslide in the 2016 presidential election?
    Still believe in the “Russian collusion” hoax?

  25. And here comes Woolly representing the Anti-Mask League, fresh off their successes in 1918 …

  26. “and here comes…” the Emerys; glib mouthpiece and accomplice to a cadre of ambitious elites who have elevated murder to a political virtue(looking at you Walz, Cuomo, Whitmer, etc) and Emery is one of their enthusiastic blunt tools.

  27. Oh, I am not “anti-mask,” Emery. I wear a mask as I decide it is appropriate to do so. I am against dictatorship of all forms. Because the idiots in the bureaucracy are, well, idiots. They are not selected for being intelligent, they are selected for being good bureaucrats.
    I think that abortion is a moral horror, but I wouldn’t make it illegal.
    You, however, are in favor of dictatorship.
    Prove me wrong!

  28. I am also against the idea that you can reduce the spread of covid-19 by snorting pepper flakes. Guess I am an ignoramus, what with my asking for data & proof & what not. Dumb ol’ me!

  29. ^^ I think the coronavirus is revealing individual character and intelligence and many are failing the test. What you call “freedom” is actually absence of responsibility.

    I get frustrated our citizens don’t seem to get how to manage this disease but look at leadership. Hard not to feel doomed.

    The more people that don’t follow the recommendations, the longer the primary advance of the disease path, the more the prediction model will change.

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