I’m Not Going To Say…

…that Kim Norton, mayor of Rochester, is simultaneously both the most authoritarian person in Minnesota politics and the most groaningly, er, ill-informed, incurious and tone-deaf.

But I will say…

..that if you think I’m inferring that message between the lines, I’m not going to argue with you all that hard.

18 thoughts on “I’m Not Going To Say…

  1. The best thing that Rochester has going for it is proximity to both Iowa and Wisconsin, so yes, people have a choice.

  2. I’m 15 miles west of Rochester and attend church there, and I can name names of people who have driven to Iowa and Wisconsin to eat out.

    Moreover, while I believe that a mask may reduce transmission likelihood in a given situation, my overall take is that most wearers basically treat it as a “face condom” so they can do whatever they want while pretending they’re safe from COVID, just like sexually promiscuous people with the latex kind. Just like nursing home workers forced by the governor to accept COVID patients, and with results we know all too well.

  3. Fifteen miles west of Rochester… I know that area. What’s the mask wearing feeling around there?

  4. Dang, I do hate these reprobates.

    Nothing else to say.

  5. Bubba, my kids have been getting together on weekends to take their girls to Wisconsin on Saturday night since the Great Cheesehead Revolt.

  6. jdm; a lot less face condoms than in Rochester. Sadly, “Misplaced Magnolia” downtown is closed for good–was a good Arkansas-style BBQ place in the old dept. store building. Eerdmann’s is doing fine as far as I know. 3 miles north, it’s pretty rocky for the Hubbell House, as they’re trying to sell and this does NOT make the numbers look good.

  7. Norton is an idiot. Like so many progs, she moved here from Florida. Interestingly, she has changed her party affiliation to Independent, claiming that she was “tired of partisan politics.” This is a LMAO type of declaration, especially when everything she does is right out of the DemocRAT playbook.

  8. Driving out to west-central Wisconsin this weekend to view rentals. Already buy all the food, beer, gas in WI; much happier spending the tax savings in a free community and free state. Another friend of mine is moving back to St. Louis. Working remote, there’s no reason for us young professionals to stay in Minnesota.

    I’ll miss seeing Rob & Co. at the Capitol for weekday hearings, but will still be within driving distance for the MNGOC events, when they resume. Not that my State Rep. ever gave me the time of day, even as a resident. Sad!

  9. I am into metadata, so I like to look at what the “missing” data indicates.
    So about 80% of the covid-19 deaths in Minnesota have occurred among elderly patients at long term care facilities.
    So what is the death rate among employees of long term care facilities? They are exposed to lethal covid-19 at a much higher rate than the average person. One would expect that if the highest level of fatalities are long term care home residents, the people that care for them would be ranked second, or very high, at any rate.
    Yet this does not seem to be the case. What is the infection & death rate for those who care for long term care patients? Government health officials are incompetent if they do not know this number.
    I like asking questions that make people uncomfortable.

  10. FYI, the Osceola Braves were playing baseball tonight. Trying to keep up practice before a (small) crowd, I suppose. Not a mask to be seen, among the players or the crowd. I guess about a hundred fans were present.

  11. MP, minor league baseball is real baseball.

    We have an excellent minor league team in Greenville, “The Drive”. They have a facility in downtown G’ville every bit as nice as the Saints, too.

    The only problem, for me at least, is that they are affiliated with the Red Sox, and the field is a replica of Fenway park; complete with a “green monster”. I’ve been to a few games, but I don’t feel comfortable surrounded by memorials to anything related to Boston (hooouk ptooey)…I get triggered.

  12. MP – I’ve been tracing MDH’s COVID cases and deaths. They tell you the numbers and the percentage of cases/deaths by age group, but you have to do the math yourself to find out. Over 70 accounts for 81% as of the last time Iooked last week. When I get back to my computer with the spreadsheet on it, I’ll give you the breakdown of deaths by age. It’s mere handfuls under age 60, though.

    Btw, the Miesville Mudhens in southern MN have an absolute gem of a ballpark, lovingly maintained, with the Best Burgers in the State (they have the certificate) across the street at King’s Place. The Hens are in Div2 Town Ball, but play a very good ball – they’ve been in the State finals each of the last 3 years, and won it twice.

  13. NW;
    I concur about King’s Burgers. You could eat there every day for about six months and never have the same one twice. Incidentally, that is where I first tried peanut butter on a burger, with bacon, of course. I was actually surprised at how good it was and occasionally, I’ll still throw pb on a Five Guys.

  14. Boss, the PB&B is my favorite, but I try to mix it up. My activities take me through Miesville every other week, pre-COVID, and I always stop there for dinner. King’s did do take out during the shut-down, but it’s a little far to go and keep the food warm. We did make a specific trip down there the first week after they re-opened, though!

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