Science Fiction

Pretend Covid is a Science Fiction/Fantasy story.


President Trump is at the table with his senior advisors, discussing how
to deal with Covid.  Suddenly, a being appears in the room.  Eight feet
tall, red, horns and tail, leering.  People scream, Secret Service try
to rush the President out but the doors won’t open.  They shoot but the
bullets fall to the floor without harming the being.  Eventually, the
being flicks his fingers and everyone freezes in place.

“Enough.  I’m here to collect my due.  You – Orange Man – you’re going
to do exactly as I tell you.  Understand?”

The Orange Man does nothing.  “Oh, my bad,” the being says, flicking his
fingers at the Orange Man, who is suddenly able to move.

“Who are you?  What do you want?”

“I’ve been known by many names but I like the first one, best.  I am the
Light Bringer.  I brought you the opportunity for total power, through
the Covid virus.  And you wasted it!  You idiot – you had the perfect
chance to declare martial law, drain the swamp, clean out the Deep
State, cripple your enemies, restore your country’s greatness and
establish a world-wide empire – but instead you let those morons in the
state capitols run around like idiots ordering people to Stay Home and
now the economy is in such bad shape you’re in danger of losing
everything I gave you.  Well, that’s going to change.  You’re going on
television.  You’re going to announce that you can cure Covid,
completely.  That nobody will ever die from that virus again, anywhere,
in the whole world.  And all it’s going to take is one small favor.”

“What favor?”

“I want you to sacrifice your son to me.  Kill that one person, and
everyone else is saved.”

“Are you kidding?  That’s ridiculous.  I’m not doing that.”

“Why not?  There’s historical precedent.  Abraham was willing. Ivan the
Terrible and Peter the Great both did it,  Herod killed two of his
sons.  What’s the problem?  Any sacrifice is worth it, if it saves even
one life, right?”


If it saves even one life.  Now we know where that idea comes from.

Joe Doakes

After the news about the state’s Covid modelers, it doesn’t even seem all that terribly far-fetched.

14 thoughts on “Science Fiction

  1. Advising Trump is like bringing fruits to the volcano, you’re trying to appease a great force that’s impervious to reason.

  2. And you know this how, Emery Ignoramus? Have you been in the room? How many times? Once again, your Lexus mouth is overriding your Yugo back side and you’re using pull quotes from your media masters. Funny! They haven’t been in the room, either. They rely of “anonymous sources” that do not exist.

  3. Ahh, Yugos. I wonder what the thought process of someone buying one new was.

  4. Light bringer? I never knew Obama had that kind of power! (cue the Rolling Stones, no?)

  5. Colorado man dies from unbelievable 0.55 blood alcohol level (0.3 is considered fatal) but cause of death is listed as covid. County coroners office is fighting back against this lie. I wonder how many THOUSANDS of deaths we are told were covid were not?

    We are being scammed.

  6. ^^ Thank goodness they re-opened the bars! You know, drinking by yourself at home to obliteration makes you an alcoholic with a problem, while doing that at a bar with people makes you social.

  7. Hoss: “When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing we would have very few cases.” ~ Donald Trump

    It was evident from the beginning that Trump wanted to limit testing because he sensed that *maybe* (what a genius) that would lead to more cases!

    And he didn’t want more cases as he thought that would harm his reelection chances.

    1.4 million cases later, here we are.

  8. The number of Covid “cases” is not a useful measurement. It’s like asking “how many people caught a cold last Winter?” Everybody. Nobody. Who cares? We’re not going to lock down the nation over a few sniffles.

    It’s not even particularly useful to ask “how many people died from Covid?” If the numbers weren’t bogus – which they are – it’s still just a number. It doesn’t tell us anything about how society should react.

    WHO died from Covid? That’s more useful. That tells us who’s vulnerable, who should be protected, so we can target scarce resources. In Minnesota:

    No child has died from it.
    No teen has died from it.
    No 20-something has died from it.
    2 people in their 30’s have died from it and they had co-morbidities.
    6 people in their 40’s have died from it and they had co-morbidities.

    If you’re under 50 and in reasonable health, your risk of dying from Covid is effectively zero. There’s no need to protect you, no reason for you to panic. Go to work. Just stay away from the nursing home, that’s where 98% of the deaths are occurring.

    On a national level, 1.4 million cases -:- 320 million people = .004 of the population have a case (didn’t die, just have a case bad enough to seek medical attention where they got a test). Expressed as a percentage: less than one-half of one percent of Americans got sick from it. Untold millions caught it but didn’t get sick enough to bother with a doctor visit. Same as the flu. Which Trump told us back in January.

    The existence of the virus is not a hoax. The panic reaction to the virus is the hoax, intended to stampede the public into accepting policies they would never tolerate in peacetime.

  9. ^^ Do you realize that if we stopped all medical testing, no one could get diagnosed with cancer. We could eliminate cancer.

    Why is our Covid-19 unemployment rate so much higher than other developed nations? Who’s fault is that?

  10. And he didn’t want more cases as he thought that would harm his reelection chances.

    Same old Emery. Not a shred of proof of these alleged psychic powers of yours.

  11. And the test fetishists still don’t say whether they are talking about tests for the virus or tests for antibodies.

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