Twin Cities Media, Then And Now

Twin Cities Media and Left (ptr), 2015: “Black Lives Matter were heroes for shutting down I94 during rush hour! Speak truth to power! Up next – Amanda Shapely at the Boat Show”

Twin Cities Media and the Left (ptr) 2020: “Black Lives Matter are a bunch of hooligans! Why weren’t the police able to keep order at Amy’s…er, Senator Klobuchar’s event?”

8 thoughts on “Twin Cities Media, Then And Now

  1. Because “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” Especially when it comes from within your own party.

  2. Senator “I’m-tough-on-crime-until-race-hustlers-call-me-out” fails the never negotiate with terrorists test. And if anyone is interested, negotiating with the Taliban is also a fool’s errand. Just f-ing leave.

  3. Let’s get the quote right.

    “Black Lives Matter are a bunch of hooligans! who we refuse to name least them and their allies (who are all our friends) – turn on us

    We know one name: Nekima Levy Armstrong. If sweet Amy’s campaign had any balls, they would sue the sh*t out of Armstrong and BLM. The suit would be simple, we spent money on an event, you wrecked it, pay up.

  4. But then they’d fall victim to the “everyone’s a racist, every minute of every day” cries from BLM, Greg. It goes against one of the top DFL narratives.

  5. The hounds have Klob’s scent, they are not gonna stop until she’s treed. She needs to prepare for life after cancellation…maybe call Chris Matthews for pro tips, I dunno.

  6. I’d suggest a nice cushy ambassadorship under during a Joe “I’m running for US Senate” Biden Administration. Maybe to a lilly white scandinavian country.

  7. Shhe quit just before the serious dirt was going to be dug up on her.

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