As The World’s Smallest Violin Plays The World’s Saddest Song

According to a writer for the ever-simpering Brit Independent, no politician has ever been treated as scabrously as…

…Mitt Romney?

Brett Kavanaugh?

No, no no no!

It’s Ilhan Omar!

She’s got a sinecure seat in a district no less one-party than East Berlin in 1974. She’s politically bulletproof; she could shoot down an Israeli airliner and get 75% of the vote. Chicago ward heelers wish they were as set up as she is.

She’s got a local media that paints her toenails for her. 

She’s looking forward to a lifetime of wealth, on the public, media and non-profit dime at the very least, for her and her family. 

Someone treat me that “badly”, stat.

23 thoughts on “As The World’s Smallest Violin Plays The World’s Saddest Song

  1. Members of Congress who disagree with a US foreign policy need to make that case and win on it here at home rather than creating political theater overseas. If they can’t make the case and win support here, they shouldn’t use their official positions to seek to draw support to their unpopular policy proposals while abroad.

  2. It’s pretty obvious Trump despises that America hating slag, so it makes me wonder why he has not directed the DOJ to investigate her immigration/marital status.

    Perhaps there’s nothing there. Maybe she didn’t marry her brother. Maybe she didn’t lie on her immigration documents.

    Because, if any of that stuff is true, it would suggest Trump has some ulterior motive for looking the other way.
    Judicial Watch has filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

    I wonder if there’s any residents of Minnesota concerned enough to contact their state legislative leaders and demand some heat be applied to the pot.

  3. You know what would be funny?

    Send her to Israel and while she’s there, put her name on the No Fly list.

  4. Anyone remember when Tom Emmer was passing himself off as a conservative?

    If you believed that was ever true, you’d think he would be the logical choice to spearhead an investigation into Omar…lol, no. He’s waay too busy performing the the Vagina Monologues on behalf of the NRCC and sharing the bill with Amy Koch at fundraisers for the Minnpost. Anything to keep that lip lock on the government nipple.

    To no one’s surprise, all that cucking is considered #Winning by the legacy GOP; meanwhile the reprobates are laughing their asses off and throwing milkshakes at him.

    I’ve concluded the rump conservative caucus of the MNGOP left Minnesota in my xenophobic moving truck. Ilhan Omar is not just the voice, she is the future of Minnesota. Funny; I remember telling my friends in Cali the same thing 25 years ago
    …they laughed and laughed.

  5. I dunno, Joe. Greta Thunberg would probably send her yacht to the rescue. (Great idea, though) 🙂

  6. I have nothing terribly useful to add, I think she’s absurd at best in every way.

    I am struck that the 5th cd having a snarling, trolling, commie, anti-semite Somali Muslim congress rep is only made possible by this person being a pretty, youngish woman. I doubt the rest of that package is electable in even the 5th if its a male Somali muslim.

  7. John she flat out lied at Synagogues during her primary campaign about her views on the Jewish people. The establishment will try to primary her but will fail miserably. The only way she leaves Congress is if its in handcuffs for her immigration or student loan fraud. It wont be by the ballot box. And I dont think the political will is there to charge the first Somali-American congresswoman. Even if she is a criminal.

  8. …only made possible by this person being a pretty, youngish woman. I doubt the rest of that package is electable in even the 5th if its a male Somali muslim.

    That’s shockingly naive, IMO.

    As long as the package includes the proper mix of anti-American, anti-Caucasian, anti-family, anti-science, anti-Constitution, anti-Capitalism, any minority could win. Yes, a male minority might have to aver men are a disease, but he could win.

    Rashida Tlaib looks like she recently tore a hook out of her mouth, but her wards of the state constituents love her.

    These people are on a roll. They’ll go with whom ever they believe can undermine America most effectively.

  9. John I wasnt criticizing you, just making a point not well known by the general population.

  10. Please forgive a small digression.

    California’s reprobate Gov has just signed a bill raising the criteria a cop must meet before gunning someone down.
    I endorse this.

    Officer friendly is better trained to handle physical confrontation than Joe six pack. They’ve got multiple non-lethal weapons at their fingertips. Its time they put that training and gear to use.

    I’d also like to see something done about the sons-a-bitches that shoot dogs on sight.

  11. ^ I think the 5th would probably elect a male Somali muslim. I don’t think a male Somali muslim with this personality and issue set would be understood as moxie-ish, assertive, and bold. I think that person would be understood as obnoxious and belligerent, and could not get the votes of white voters who vote for Omar.

    Very esoteric, granular theorizing on my part that’s not worth much though.

  12. Dont count on it, I live in it (for now) and she aint going anywhere. Plus I have yet to find a semi intelligent male Somali muslim and I use Uber 10+ times a week so I am exposed to a lot. They are mostly inbred morons, because Islam encourages marrying your cousin I wouldnt be surprised if 15-20% of all middle eastern Muslims are related in some way. Its like some parts of the south, but has been happening for over a millenia instead of 150-200 years.

  13. John, with respect, I think you vastly underestimate the virulent, anti-Caucasian racism and fervent anti-American worldview of today’s millennial leftists. They’ve been so thoroughly indoctrinated, cheering American military deaths is not only common, it’s expected.

    Just watch the Democrat primaries take shape.

    Biden is the front-runner today, but mark my words, the DNC will put him into the wood chipper in due time. They saw what happened to Memaw, and they’re not going to make that mistake again.

    The Democrat nominee will be the person who hocks the biggest loogey on America, and incites the most violent uprising from the left. Bernie has the desire, but alas, not the stamina.

    It will be Fauxcahontas or Legs High Harris. The rest are just side show acts.

  14. JK : I am struck that the 5th cd having a snarling, trolling, commie, anti-semite Somali Muslim congress rep is only made possible by this person being a pretty, youngish woman.

    And she got her start by first winning a seat in the MN House of Representatives, defeating a snarling, trolling, old Jewish woman who looks like a peach pit.

  15. Phyllis isn’t a snarling troll, at all. To the extent that she’s annoying, its because she’s a do-gooder busy-body to the Nth.

  16. Fauxcahontas is going to be the nominee, I’m buying my futures options on it today.

  17. If I had to bet right now Id say Kamala Harris gets it, and gets destroyed by her past history. She is essentially the female version of Bill Clinton with no where nearly the politically saavy of it.

  18. Fauxcahontas will get it if she convinces Bernie to quit and become her VP. But I dont see that happening.

  19. Bookmakers have Fauxcahontas and Biden neck and neck. Personally, I think they’re underestimating the pent up hate among the leftist voters.

    Uncle Joe just wants a nice set of Presidential china to pass down to his grand kids; Fauxcahontas wants to cut our eyelids off and stake us out on an ant hill in the desert.

  20. The onion is being peeled and the truth about Omar’s doings are coming to light. Scott Johnson at Powerline and others have been laying out the facts laying out the trail of evidence against her for quite some time. Judicial Watch is like a dog going for a bone, they won’t go away until the truth is told.

    When it comes to the POTUS election I keep thinking the term “Silent Majority”. I don’t see the election going to any of the liars promising one and all “Free S**t”.

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