A Nation Of Logrolled Sheep

Gun violence is schools is a quarter what it was 25 years ago, even with the tragic mass shootings in recent years thrown in.

But Big Left and Big Media have succeeded in convincing a fair number of people that 2+2=5:

Twenty years after the Columbine High School shooting made practicing for armed intruders as routine as fire drills, many parents have only tepid confidence in the ability of schools to stop a gunman, according to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.
And while most Americans consider schools less safe than they were 20 years ago, the poll finds a majority say schools aren’t at fault for shootings. Bullying, the availability of guns, the internet and video games share more of the blame.

If you tell people the sky is falling often and consistently enough, people will start carrying umbrellas.

2 thoughts on “A Nation Of Logrolled Sheep

  1. It really is frustrating to be the only person in the room with a memory. None of the Liberals I meet understand history as I do, because they learned it from a Liberal teacher whereas I lived it, personally.

    Every pick-up in the school parking lot had a shotgun in a case behind the seat, all Fall long, first for pheasant hunting and later for deer (I grew up in shotgun-slug territory). Kids did morning chores, drove the school scanning the ditches for birds, and went back after class to bag them.

    Availability of guns? Comprehensive.

    Bullying? You don’t think the jocks and studs bullied the nerds and geeks, to win approval of the Mean Girls? You think bullying was invented by Bush the Younger? It was not.

    I could believe the internet and video games are responsible for desensitizing young people to violence. Kids today see thousands of killings on television and in the movies, which makes them believe killing people is acceptable social behavior. Not like the Olden Days at all. Why, in the Olden Days, the Good Guys hardly ever shot the Bad Guys. The last surviving Texas Ranger and his Indian scout must have left behind a Bob Seger album or maybe a Coors beer, after doing their good works. Nobody would leave bullets lying around, a kid might find them and hurt somebody.

    Fortunately, old white men are dying at a good clip. In a few years, there will be nobody left alive to dispute the New History. Then everything will be made right, a new Eden on Earth, with peace and prosperity for all. I’m so jealous of you kids.

  2. My advice to anyone who wants to think or talk about politics intelligently is to check your epistemology. Doesn’t matter whether you are on the left or right, you need to explain, rationally, why you believe a thing to be true or false.

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