Hostile Takeover

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

When private health insurance was unable to provide uniform affordable coverage, Congress had no choice but to take it over through Obama-care.  The success of that program proves the principle is sound: government must do what private industry can’t do.
Thousands of people are without electricity during dangerously cold weather.  Private power companies have demonstrated they are incapable of providing uniform affordable coverage.  Congress has no choice but to take over the electrical industry. This is right in line with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ socialist philosophy, she’s the logical choice to introduce the legislation.  Government, not private business, is the only way to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of essential services to women and minorities, whatever the weather might be
In other news, the Post Office isn’t delivering mail today.  Mn/DOT pulled its snowplows off the road.  St. Paul schools are closed and it’s mandatory recycling program is suspended.  Government workers cannot promptly and efficiently deliver essential services because of the weather. 
Hmm, maybe we should revisit the concept of government taking over private businesses?  Do we really expect union government employees to be climbing power poles in the howling freezing wind in the dead of night?  Would that idea work any better than Obama-care or its inevitable successor, Kamela-care?
Whatever those guys on the power poles make (and they’re almost all guys), it’s not enough.  Whatever those gals in Congress make (and the goofy ones are almost all gals), it’s too much.

I for one am so happy I’ve got private-sector power. Although it’s a private monopoly in the area, so it’s not quite free market…

3 thoughts on “Hostile Takeover

  1. Geez, Xcel had a bad couple of days, huh? No or reduced natural gas flow up in Princeton to Becker, power outages in Bloomington… I wonder if there’s an ad campaign in the works for feel-good diversity at Xcel.

  2. I am not usually one to praise the local St. Paul government, but this week I observed praise-worthy action.

    A hooplehead coming down the hill and turning onto my street Thursday night, failed to allow for the slipperiness of the packed snow/ice on the street and slid into the stop/street sign on the corner, flattening it.

    I called SP public works reporting the now broken stop sign and also requesting some salt/sand for the hill. Within an hour, the salt truck was dispensing up the hill. Ten minutes later, a temporary stop sign was placed on the corner, and the broken sign picked up. Friday afternoon, when I came home from work, the bent -over stub had been pulled from the ground and a new permanent sign placed.

  3. Let me get this straight. Minnesota loses money running pot dispensaries. The state can’t even sell dope right but their answer is for the state to take over everything?

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