The Twin Cities Media Won’t Cover This…

…I don’t suspect – but I will:

The governor’s race is inside “Statistical Noise” levels.   Ditto Housley and Smith.   (Klobuchar is shown nine up over Newberger, which is closer than other polls as well).

Last week, an NBC/Marist poll claimed Walz and Smith were pulling away – this being the same poll that showed Tim Pawlenty and Lori Swanson winning the gubernatorial primaries in landslides.   Was that a media/Democrat attempt to “bandwagon” Republicans into staying home?

Maybe, maybe not.

But don’t get bandwagoned anyway.

4 thoughts on “The Twin Cities Media Won’t Cover This…

  1. If they cover it at all, it will be by asking Larry Jacobs about the polls so that he can say they are “troubling”. Or they can just wait until after the election to talk to Larry.

  2. I think the sample has to much weighting for the Indies. This election? They may call themselves indies, but more of their minds are made up by this point, then usual.

  3. You know, that bandwagon effect has two sides. The other, which we saw when Trump was elected, is the “she’ll win anyway, I don’t need to go in and vote” side.

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