The Bandwagon

NBC/Marist poll shows DFL Senate Candidates leading by biblical margins in the upcoming election.

The glum picture for the GOP comes as both parties point to the state’s four competitive House races as bellwether contests in the race for control of the lower chamber. The poll finds that 53 percent of likely voters prefer a Congress controlled by Democrats after the November midterm elections, while 41 percent prefer Republicans.

Unmentioned: this same showed Lori Swanson winning the DFL primary fairly easily, and Tim Pawlenty clobbering Jeff Johnson. They were off 28 points in that matchup.

But then the point of these October polls isn’t accuracy. It’s “bandwagoning“.

3 thoughts on “The Bandwagon

  1. … oh, wait, that’s MN, not national… this is news?

    Both Senatinas are reliable votes for the Democrats and pretty much keep their mouths shut. The one exception is when Amy tried to interrogate Kavanaugh – poorly – on the other hand, for those of little brain who “believe women”, she got herself a persecuted victim image out of the deal. That won’t subtract any of the known votes. So, the short of the long is of course they’re leading.

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