A Parkland kid realizes he’s been used:

“My whole message is I was propped up as an expert. The whole message was these kids are the real experts,” [Cameron] Kasky told Fox News Radio’s Benson & Harf on Wednesday. “Look, I have some very intelligent friends. Some friends who can intellectually run circles around me, but I’m not the expert in pretty much anything.”

Survivors of the Parkland shooting received wall-to-wall cable-news coverage in its aftermath. Kasky gained national notoriety after telling Senator Marco Rubio of Florida that looking at him felt like looking “down the barrel of an AR-15,” during a town hall weeks after the shooting. Kasky now claims to regret that interaction and says he hopes to meet with Rubio to apologize.

Kasky is also doing something a lot more adults should:

The 17-year-old now plans to start his own podcast, Cameron Knows Nothing, featuring subject-matter experts as part of his mission to change the way he participates in the public debate surrounding gun control and other politically charged issues.

Not tripling down on one’s ignorance (aka “Hogging”) – if this could become a trend…


3 thoughts on “Un-Hogged

  1. He was used as a prop, then discarded, which is like being recruited for a football scholarship then discarded when you blow your knee.

    That’s different from being used as prop and then sent on a publicity tour around the country. Or being used as a sex toy and then given the leading role. Or being used to defame a Supreme Court nominee and then given a sinecure in academia. If you get rewarded for being a prop, then you have nothing to complain about.

    This guy’s real complaint is he didn’t get the payoff he was anticipating.

  2. there needs to be a better term than something that sounds like it came from pig farmers or the gay community, just sayin man.

  3. I dunno, Joe. The kid could have just changed his given name from Cameron to Charmin and have been done with it, but it sounds like he’s capable of learning. I’ll take every proto-Norma McCorvey we can get.

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