This Is Minnesota’s Gun Control Movement In Action

Gun control groups don’t care about saving lives.

It’s true in big ways – you will never see a gun control group, or at least not one of the main line, lily white ones like Everytown Julie one of their protest in any American inner city, which is where the vast majority of the “gun violence” actually happens. In fact, you could hear some of their partisans even trying to change the subject back when the topic strange away from school shootings.

So there’s that.

But just to further illustrate the movements depravity – and I use that term with full knowledge of what it actually means – look at this little bit of social media effluvia from “Protect” Minnesota from the other one

I’m not sure if I have ever seen and less responsible posting – even for a bunch of teenagers.

But this should clarify things; the “Gone Safety” movement hasn’t the foggiest thing to do with saving lives. It’s about controlling society.

And it seems I owe Heather Martens an apology. For years I said, not joking in the most remote way, that she had never, not once, made a single original, true, substantial statement about guns, gun owners, gun control, gun history or anything to do with the subject. And that was absolutely true.

But the Reverend Nancy Nord Bence – who replaced Heather as director of “Protect” Minnesota – Adds a little extra twist to the formula; she seems to generally despise human beings. Which seems an odd trade in a Lutheran minister.

4 thoughts on “This Is Minnesota’s Gun Control Movement In Action

  1. If we got rid of guns in schools and thereby forced killers to murder students with knives as do in civilized cities like London, would we be happier?

    If society wanted to raise self-sufficient, responsible adults, would those gun-free schools teach “bleeding control methods for knife wounds” or would that be unacceptable kowtowing to the knife lobby?

    Regardless of why the student is bleeding – gunshot, knife wound, shop class accident, car crash – isn’t teaching First Aid a good thing? Shouldn’t it be required in every school?

  2. Reverend Nancy Nord Bence is following the Gospel of Christ. The bloodbath has to stop, and its time for drastic actions.

    With the excrable 2nd Amendment in the way, the only way to get sanity into the public square is to restrict access as much as possible; place punitive taxes on these tools of war and use zoning powers to eliminate gun ranges and stores.

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