And To Think They Say “Progressives” Are Illiterates About Economics

Remember when people called Sarah Palin vapid and dim?

But Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez and the ever-more-vacuous Chelsea Clinton

“Whether you fundamentally care about reproductive rights and access right, because these are not the same thing, if you care about social justice or economic justice, agency – you have to care about this.

It is not a disconnected fact – to address this t-shirt of 1973 – that American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. Right?”


And if we had a few million more people with active minds, in a society that hadn’t come to accept infanticide and with a family structure that hadn’t broken down, imagine what would have happened then?

The whole left owes Palin an apology.

Also, everyone else.

15 thoughts on “And To Think They Say “Progressives” Are Illiterates About Economics

  1. A few weeks ago I listened to a pop-science thing on NPR. It had some feminist historians discussing, with an interviewer, the history of marriage.
    It was astounding how wrong the historian was. She was trying to make the point that the strongly differentiated sex roles we are familiar with in the 19th century were the exception, and that the rule for all time before that was much more equal gender roles in marriage. “A male baker would marry a female baker” the feminist historian said, which is nonsense. There were no female bakers. It would have been thought a terrible thing to apprentice a teenage girl to an adult, male baker. Women, among the lower classes, were homemakers and baby factories. Marriages back then were far more equal than are usually thought, but both husband and wife had very different roles. They were not interchangeable, and the reason was biology. A woman could not do the time consuming, hard physical labor that most men did in those days, and bear and care for children.
    The only way this misrepresentation of history could work was to play down the role of child bearing, and that’s what they did. In a half hour long talk on marriage though the ages they never mentioned the burden of women bearing children in cultures without birth control. They never mentioned child bearing at all, though once they did mention “shared child rearing responsibilities.”
    Amazing and bizarre. Our elites are insane.

  2. PM
    I heard the same NPR bit and it reminded me of Chaucer’s The Cooks Tale which provides a brief portrait of an apprentice who completes his service and goes to live with a man and wife who worked at a trade and kept a shop:
    4411 Therfore his maister yaf hym acquitance,
    Therefore his master gave him his certificate,
    4412 And bad hym go, with sorwe and with meschance!
    And ordered him to go, with sorrow and with bad luck!
    4413 And thus this joly prentys hadde his leve.
    And thus this jolly apprentice had his leave.
    4414 Now lat hym riote al the nyght or leve.
    Now let him revel all the night or leave off (do as he chooses).
    4415 And for ther is no theef withoute a lowke,
    And because there is no thief without an accomplice,
    4416 That helpeth hym to wasten and to sowke
    Who helps him to waste and to consume
    4417 Of that he brybe kan or borwe may,
    That which he can steal or may borrow,
    4418 Anon he sente his bed and his array
    Right away he sent his bed and his clothing
    4419 Unto a compeer of his owene sort,
    Unto a companion of his own sort,
    4420 That lovede dys, and revel, and disport,
    Who loved dicing, and revelling, and having fun,
    4421 And hadde a wyf that heeld for contenance
    And had a wife that kept for the sake of appearances
    4422 A shoppe, and swyved for hir sustenance.
    A shop, and screwed for her living.

    The NPR feminist historical reviser obviously had, like so many in recent academia, used an unanchored Gedankenerfahrung as her primary data gathering tool for developing her historical analysis – it is after all so much easier since the data seldom contradicts your hypothesis.

  3. MP, seriously man why would you subject yourself to NPR/MPR?. I havent listened voluntarily to them, well ever. If I want news I go to realclearpolitics, drudge report, or AM1280 The Patriot. The self righteous drivel on that station is beyond insufferable.

  4. Amazing and bizarre. Our elites are insane.

    Are they truly? Or is this a societal-level movement to re-educate (or educate with blatantly false information) the masses in order to move us more to the left? The lefty progs ARE the masters of the long game.

    Of course, for the most part, the only people who listen to NPR are those who agree with the elites. So, they’re (mostly) preaching to the choir.

  5. Our elites are insane.

    Dude, name a time in recent (50 years) history when they have been sane.

  6. Once visited “History Fest” on a farm near Mankato which features pioneer re-enactors. This year, they’ve got The World’s Fastest Beaver Skinner. I also need to brush up on my Tomahawk Throwing.

    Until you’ve chopped through a log with an axe, or tried to plow a straight furrow behind an ox, you have NO idea how hard pioneers worked. It’s simply brutal and no offense, gals, but it cannot be done while holding a baby on the hip.

  7. This year, they’ve got The World’s Fastest Beaver Skinner

    So many potentially really nasty and funny jokes there… just saying. Reminds me of a meme I have on my phone. A college age woman holds up a mini-whiteboard that says:
    “I need feminism because…” and her response is “my vagina has a voice”. It was on Reddit so the response was hilarious and a tad misogynistic. (but still 100% hilarious) The response was “I agree with her, feminism consists of a bunch of talking c****.” I’ll let you fill in the censorcesed part.

  8. JD id right, they didn’t call them sodbusters for nothing – prairie sod is pretty impervious – even with a 7060 Allis tractor(160hp) and a 5 shank ripper plow, cultivating Nebraska Marble can be a real chore – it would have been hell with ox or horses.

  9. Oh God, lets try and get those two to debate, she wont be able to claim sexism then.

  10. 2024 Haley-Palin! would that not just blow leftist lids across the country and world

  11. POD, Ocasio-Cortez is not obligated to respond to catcalls from men or women working from a position of privilege.

    It’s not a matter that you can fall back upon your patriarchal Western, white history to get you out of this one.

    Puerto Rico is the model for our new, progressive lives. Better get your mind right, son.

  12. History is not a progressive primer.
    You could write a pretty thick book debunking the historical myths that form the bedrock beliefs of our educated elites — for example, the belief that until modern times women had no property rights.
    Sex before marriage in pre-modern times was a complicated matter. It was enough for most people that the knot was tied before the birth labors began.
    Gender, and marriage, has always been the axis on which the world turned. All of our social rules, written and unwritten, recognized this.
    Our modern elites believe that they know better than five thousand years of human experience, so they attempt to rewrite history to suit the values of their social class.

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