Shock Poll. In Opposite World.

I noticed it a couple of years ago – whenever anti-gun groups trot out victim stories, one thing that never gets mentioned is the perpetrator – the person pulling trigger.    You can listen to “survivors” (they almost never survived violence themselves; they’ve almost invariably hijacked the legacy of a dead relative) for hours without ever knowing that the firearms involved hadn’t levitated themselves.

There’s a reason for that; talking about perps would confirm everything the good guys have been saying about the issue, forever:

Lawful gun owners accounted for just 18 percent of gun violence, according to a recent studyconducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.

Researchers analyzed 762 cases in which a gun was recovered by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Firearm Tracking Unit (FTU).

“Most perpetrators (79%) were carrying a gun that did not belong to them,” researchers concluded.

By the way, gun grabbers – how does that bode for “Universal background checks?”

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