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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A Jew turned Christian turned Evangelical says Christians “sold” their principles in supporting Trump.  Time to move beyond social battles and forsake the politics of hate, fear and violence.  Time to embrace gun control.  Time to be like Episcopalians.

In other words, Never Trump.

He’s not alone.  Catholic bishops in the United States have embraced Open Borders, climate change, gun control . . .

In other words, Never Trump.

I don’t understand the New World Order.  I’m stuck in the Old World, the world in which the purpose of religion was to save my immortal soul from eternal damnation, a risk posed by my personal moral failings.  Hellfire and damnation were the punishment for sin, not the result of global warming caused by greenhouse gasses emitted by the engine in my car. I was admonished to live in the world, but not be of it, that I might someday be worthy of salvation and heaven.

Either everybody has been doing it wrong for the last 2,000 years or modern religion has completely lost its way.  I’m beginning to think it’s time to write out a few theses and find myself a hammer.

Joe Doakes

When progs finally get around to rewriting the Bible, Christ will work for a non-profit that sought justice for carpenters.

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  1. My wife and I play a driving game called “Church or bank?” Is it a bank? No, that’a church. Is it church? No, it has a drive-thru. But don’t churches have a drive-thru?

    It is all a critique on churches that uglier than sin. Architecture that reflects the inner-confusing and rot of modern liberal religion.

  2. Organized churches are trying to salve their conscience through getting the government to do the work they should be doing directly.

  3. You can imagine my disappointment to learn that my ELCA Bishop signed a letter, along with 500 other religious leaders, condemning the Enbridge 3 line. The economic and environmental illiteracy is just staggering. If there is no new pipeline route then they are forcing native Americans to have a rusting and unreliable line running through tribal land. With no replacement, they must think using an old pipeline or rail cars are preferable to a new line. Aren’t these same activists always prattling on about good jobs paying at least $15? How many of those are not created by torpedoing a $2 billion construction project.

    My congregation is fixing is fixing it’s parking lot. Where does the bishop think the materials for the project come from? On Sunday I know of four families that can walk to church. The rest drive. Without oil how many members will show up for services? Offerings will drop in sync with attendance. You can’t support your social mission without the flow of donations. But – it sure sounds good to be against big oil!!!

  4. You would think that the anti-human goals of the environmentalists would be dead gieaway.

  5. When the Catholic church purges it’s hierarchy of predatory homosexuals, closes parishes that celebrate pagan Earth worship rituals and has pro-abortion, pro-homo speakers address the congregation maaaybe I’ll start listening to what they think again.

  6. Swiftee, I understand the sentiment. It’s still hard to see it happen.

    I grew up Catholic, served at Mass, went to college in a monastery, prayed the rosary along the Camino de Santiago and still make my offering (although nowadays, it comes out of my bank account monthly). I’ve read The Baltimore Catechism. I remember my daily prayers.

    The Church today looks nothing like that. The Lavender Mafia in the hierarchy hired, promoted, protected and defended homosexual child molesters – and lied to us in the congregation to cover it up. My archdiocese had to file for bankruptcy to ensure a fair division of assets among the claimants, there are so many. My monthly donation is going to compensate the victims which is fine, they should be compensated, but my donation is not going to spread the Gospel to all people, which was the great commission given to the Disciples by Jesus Christ, before He died.

    There’s no sign the hierarchy understands the magnitude of the disillusionment they caused, the number of people who have fallen away because they see the leadership marching in the wrong direction. Worse, the bishops are doubling down on leftist causes to signal their virtue to the world, instead of ensuring those under their leadership are actually living virtuously. Oh, sure, there have been changes, but what are the latest changes, the big shakeup, the course correction in the Church? Tinkering with wording: “consubstantial” replaced “one in being.” Trivia.

    I’m watching my oldest friend commit suicide. It’s breaking my heart.

  7. Maybe it’s time to require these “churches” to register as PAC”s and risk loosing their 501 status as charitable entities.

  8. Greg:

    My wife and I play a driving game called “Church or bank?” Is it a bank? No, that’s a church. Is it church? No, it has a drive-thru. But don’t churches have a drive-thru?

    I’ve been joking about this place for 25+ years since it was built, calling it “Speak The Word Bank”

    Disclaimer: I am not ragging on the church itself. I have no idea as to what are their programs, missions, pastors, preaching, outreach, nor ideology (if any). I am merely commenting on the outward appearance of their physical building.

  9. Reality is that we need consciousness of sin and virtue, and churches that have abandoned Biblical (or traditional) teaching on the subject still need to have some standard of morality. Hence global warming and the like.

    If only ugly buildings were limited to liberal churches. Sad to say, thanks to the early 1900s liberal theology movement, most of the beautiful buildings were kept by the apostates, and evangelicals and fundamentalists got to keep the ugly ones. Sigh. The best commentary I’ve seen was a response to the notion that we ought to build churches like office buildings because it is something we’re familiar with, and the response was “anyone who walks into an office building with anything but vague dread has something seriously wrong with him.”

  10. Architecture, as art we live, work and worship in, is primarily aspirational. It declares our aspirations to the world. Any church that could, within the space of two weeks, be transformed from a house of worship to a boutique dress shop for transsexuals is failing to meet its most essential goal.

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