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  1. Back in the early days of SNL there was a skit featuring Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase where Chase was an HR screener interviewing Pryor for a job. Part of the test was word association – Chase would say a word and Pryor was to say the first thing that came to mind. It started out innocently enough and then Chase started to throw in words like “darky” and “sambo”, to which Pryor responded with “cracker” and “honky”. Of course, the “N” word was used, and Pryor (who was becoming more agitated with each word) responded, “Dead Honky” – and got the job. I thought it was great that SNL had used humor to ridicule the use of words, and thought we might finally be getting some place in our culture.

    Geez, was I young and naive.

  2. NW,

    As I recall that episode, I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was Pryor’s idea.

  3. The PC crowd of today would have their panties twisted into a bunch over any humor of a SCTV type show today (unless it was on HBO and targeted at flyover country conservatives). Love to see the McKenzie brothers call them out as “hosers” though.

    Not that they could ever be duplicated but can anyone imagine the likes of Monty Python poking fun at the PC culture today?

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