The High Cost Of “Woke”

Evergreen State College – the ultra-“progressive” school in Washington State that’s spent the past couple years in an orgy of virtue-signaling and PC-witchhunting – has seen its enrollment projections drop by 20% this year – and its budget is accordingly in freefall:’

Both announcements come nearly a year after the college endured persistent riots following former professor Bret Weinstein’s decision to question the “day of absence,” an initiative that asked white students to leave campus for a day of off-campus diversity workshops, while people of color participated in on-campus workshops.

After besieging Weinstein in his classroom, student protesters proceeded to hold school President George Bridges and several other administrators hostage in the president’s office, temporarily refusing even to let Bridges use the bathroom unless he agreed to adopt their demands for additional diversity-related initiatives.

Carmichael warned employees that “it is impossible” to make a budget cut of such magnitude without “affecting some programs and services,” noting that the college “can’t afford” things like “theatrical productions in the Experimental Theater.”

Evergreen has been “experimental theater” for some time now.

But back on point – it almost seems like people looking for an education these days would prefer less pompous, often threatening and sometimes violent virtue-signaling and more…


It hardly seems possible, does it?

3 thoughts on “The High Cost Of “Woke”

  1. Isn’t refusing to allow someone leave their office for bathroom breaks a crime? Something like false imprisonment, or maybe even kidnapping?

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  3. Look at Evergreens academic catalog.

    It’s crap, all of it; it’s comprised of AIDS and fail.. From this list, we see they do not offer 1 stinking course of study that any intelligent person would recognize as academically worthwhile, to say nothing of employers.

    This college is comitting fraud, and they are stealing from taxpayers. Someone should really sue them.

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