Culture Police Blotter

While smoking the happy weed is the latest libertarian distraction, the term “Marijuana” is suddenly on the outs:

Today “cannabis” and “marijuana” are terms used more or less interchangeably in the industry, but a vocal contingent prefers the less historically fraught “cannabis”. At a time of intense interest in past injustices, some say “marijuana” is a racist word that should fall out of use.\

Bu then, by that same token, isn’t smoking ganja (I’m swtiching  to appropriating Jamaican culture, thanks) itself appropriative?    Aren’t all those lilywhite honky weed activists stealing the recreation of all those Mexican immigrants and black jazz musicians?

And as long as we’re going to start policing the language for appropriation – shouldn’t we scupper the word “Jazz”?  Originally a New Orleans black term for the horizontal mambo, it was originally adopted by white critics to disparate “negro” music.

Isn’t it time for a more complete linguistic housecleaning?

5 thoughts on “Culture Police Blotter

  1. The modern theory of outlawing words because they regulate your thoughts is both superstitious nonsense and attempted totalitarianism. Thoughts already exist, the words give expression to the thoughts. Liberals want to deny people the chance to think for themselves, to make certain things literally ‘unthinkable,’ and thus dominate and control the public.

    Saying the word “marijuana” does not make the return of slavery more likely, just as saying the name “Voldemort” does not make his return more likely. Those who believe otherwise lack a firm grasp on reality.

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