Range: “Enough”.

The Mesabi News has been one of few newspapers in the state with an editorial board that bucks the DFL line.

And their editorial from last Tuesday – “” – might be exhibit A in the “Why Trump Won” museum, someday.

They’ve had enough of the Iron Range’s future being determined by Twin Cities environmentalists:

The Iron Range is done being paraded around in the three-ring circus of hearings, resolutions and comment periods, which are really nothing more than putting the everyday Iron Ranger on trial by a jury of its uniformed peers.

At 4 p.m. today at Virginia Carpenters Union Hall, the Iron Range unifies. Labor groups, businesses, politicians and unions — and supporters in the Twin Cities — are standing up and saying we’re done. They’re calling for a boycott of a Forest Service hearing on July 18 in St. Paul over a federal land withdrawal, and instead will protect the Range’s way of life — on the Iron Range — July 25 in Virginia.

The editors see how the game is being played.

These hearings, on the taxpayers’ dime, are a mockery of working government. Go to Duluth, go to St. Paul, Ely or Virginia and it’s the same group of people talking on both sides.

What more is there to hear? And what is there to learn about mining in St. Paul? The Forest Service says it seeks a wide opinion on the subject, so by that logic environmental hearings on the St. Croix Bridge or the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion project should have hearings on the Iron Range.

But it won’t happen because this is the playground for the Twin Cities, and they’ll get there “one funeral at a time,” as Becky Rom, the leader of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters, has been quoted by The Progressive, a grassroots publication that champions progressive politics.

Remember this the next time some plushbottom fop from Kenwood or Crocus Hill calls themselves “the Resistance”.


8 thoughts on “Range: “Enough”.

  1. Now if only the range figures out that the Democrats are not on their side, we could have some progress in this state…

  2. Progress? Just watch. Next election cycle, there will be just enough new Dem votes “discovered” to overcome any inroads made by the people in the right frame of mind.

  3. JPA
    Its a chronic problem. My brother was convicted of a violent felony in 2010 and has been dead for 6 years and he’s still listed as a registered voter in Itasca county. I think its safe to assume that he voted against Stewart Mills in the last couple elections.

  4. No one ever wants to be thought of as a political pawn. That’s what Iron Rangers have been since taconite was first unearthed.

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  6. The miners and loggers will need to figure out that the Dems in the cities don’t have any concern about their welfare, only their perpetual control of state politics and control of their life. When they come to terms with the fact that their unions are in the pocket of the DFL they may reconsider their real best interests. I’m trying to figure how the people in Virginia or Babbitt are sorting out what benefits them to have mini cho-cho’s, stadiums, and heavy rail in the TC’s, and that’s supposed to be in their best interest and on their tax nickel. When will the Rangers figure out that the sleazy bastards in the DFL have their greasy thumb pressing down on their livelihood?

  7. “No one ever wants to be thought of as a political pawn. That’s what Iron Rangers have been since taconite was first unearthed.”

    When this country had U,S. Senators that were a function of the ***state legislature*** appointing them I think this type of constituency got screwed over less. Those guys can’t organize for K Street etc. like a targeted constituency such as tree huggers or farmers.

  8. The stuff I’ve heard about the IRRRB is just mind blowing. EIGHTY employees. For what? Do they have ANY evidence of ***net*** productivity?

    The other thing that kills me is when they say mining doesn’t create very many jobs anymore. It’s the value added not the number of jobs. What idiots.

    IMO, the Iron Range needs a good Austrian economist to explain to them who and what is screwing them.

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