Ripped From Social Media – As Far As You Know

Q: “Did you see that episode of “The Office” where…

A: “See it? I don’t even own a TV! All TV is crap!”

Q: “Huh. Oh, I see Chris Cornell died…”

A: “Who? Some singer? I don’t listen to any pop music after 1970. I don’t even own a record, cassette, 8 track, CD or MP3 player!”

Q: “All right. So did you see that talk about…:”

A: “Talk? The English language is so debased. I only communicate in Kings’ Anglo-Saxon…”


2 thoughts on “Ripped From Social Media – As Far As You Know

  1. Ummm, I mostly qualify on two of those things(*), and when I “speak in tongues” to fellow engineers/techies my wife accuses me of being unable to use the third.

    (*) I watch so little TV that I’ve never seen a whole episode of The Office, and I follow pop music so tangentially that it took me quite a while to place who Cornell was and where I’d heard his work.

    nerdbert: out of the mass pop culture loop, and the happier for it.

  2. I’m actually the “questioner” in this passage.

    Although I’ll I have literally not tuned in any network television in my house since July of 2013 -for the series finale of The Office.. A series that is well worth watching, btw.

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