Paging Alanis Morisette, Part CLXXVII

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I read a good quip the other day:

 Obama policies kill Obama values: if you dither and appease while Russia turns Syria into a charnel house, your commitment to humane treatment of refugees will collapse under the human catastrophe resulting from your fecklessness.

 Okay, technically it’s not true.  Obama’s policies were expressly designed to fundamentally transform America from the nation I grew up loving into a generic second-tier former imperial power like England, France, Spain or Italy.  Sadly, he largely succeeded.

 But the quip works if you replace “Obama” with “Liberal” because then you get:  “Liberal policies kill Liberal values.”

 Welfare intended to help families, disintegrated families.  

 Student loans intended to create an educated populace where students succeed, leave students ignorant and bankrupt.

 Obamacare intended to make health insurance affordable, made it unaffordable.

 Holy cow – this could become another Berg’s Law.

 Joe Doakes

I have a hunch it’s going to be a big year for Berg’s Laws – old and new.

3 thoughts on “Paging Alanis Morisette, Part CLXXVII

  1. They promise that more political centralization, more centralized government, more central planning, more government actuarial systems, more government pushing stuff around will make things better.

    We have been increasing this crap basically every year since Woodrow Wilson. Look around. It’s worthless. Nothing but social strife, massive unfunded liabilities and debt and permanent low GDP.

  2. Letting in so many people to this vortex of Wilsonian stupidity from countries that are culturally and civically so different from us is not going to work. In a ***libertarian utopia*** of ***disbursed prosperity*** and social harmony you can do it, but that is not what we have. Total madness.

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