Symptom Of A Completely Screwed Nation

Wednesday night on national public radio, I listened to Illinois senator Dick “Turban” Durbin respond to President Trump State of the Union address.

Asked about the Democrat response to republican healthcare initiatives – in this case, the proposal to allow people to buy insurance across state lines – his response was:

“Come on. You think people are going to go to a hospital or a doctor in another state?”

And sure enough, you can see Democrats repeating this on social media today.

Do they not see the difference between “health insurance” and “healthcare”?

10 thoughts on “Symptom Of A Completely Screwed Nation

  1. Nevermind that we have the examples of Canadians coming to America, or Cubans going to Spain, or was that a Spanish doctor making a house call to Cuba?

  2. No, they do not. That is why “Obamacare” is an insurance program that did not create one more doctor, nurse, or hospital bed. Instead of increasing supply, it increased, much less than predicted, thankfully, the demand. In short, it set out to give better care to more people at lower cost, which we all knew then and certainly know now, is impossible. Oh, and to do it by way of a government bureaucracy.

  3. Durbin must be unaware of the “Mayo Clinic”, or for that matter Rush in Chicago in his own state. My own mother went to Rush because their surgeons were a step above her local hospital in Indiana, and probably extended her life by years by doing so. Yes, people do cross state lines for medical care, and for good reason.

  4. Seems as though Democrats have adopted the old Flip Wilson adage of “a lie is as good as the truth if you can get somebody to believe it.”

  5. Well, studies do show that 1 out of every 3 Democrats are just as dumb as the other two.

  6. Why it’s as though he expects people to stay on the strip of land to which they are bound, never permitted to travel without leave, and only to attend feast days!

    … or is that the goal?

  7. Barbara Boxer retired, yes? So, she is no longer the dumbest human being in the US Senate. Nominations are now open….

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