The Right Women

One of my favorite sociopolitical tales is that of Alan Dershowitz, the not-remotely-conservative legal scholar who once castigated the faculty of Harvard Law School for seeing diversity as “someone with different color skin, than you, or wearing a skirt, who thinks exactly the same as you do”.

As predicted, the “Womens March” over the weekend, in DC and Saint Paul, was precisely that.

It also felt like it was a Bush-era protest, taken out of the freezer, thawed out and dumped on the streets; same signs, same chants and chanting points, same rhetoric.

Julia Erynn at Alpha News reported from the scene:

However, the anti-hatred and tolerance only applied if you agreed with the marchers’ viewpoints. A small group of pro-life demonstrators were attacked by those participating in the Women’s March. The pro-life demonstrators were blocked from view, screamed at, and had drinks, snow and mud thrown at them.

So it’s not so much that “Love Trumps Hate”.   To Minnesota’s gray, ELCA-coiffed, monolithic ideological left, it merely focuses the hate…

…in the desired direction.

8 thoughts on “The Right Women

  1. As was pointed out by a couple of female pundits on Fox News this morning, 1in 4 women live in poverty and thousands are homeless, yet none of these hypocrites were marching for them. Of course, the left only cares about those people for votes, but since that didn’t work…

  2. Holy cow, Trump already threw that many women into poverty and homelessness? Or wait – were they maybe leftovers from Bush? Because surely, if there’d been that much suffering under The Light Bringer, we’d have heard about it.

  3. The fact that any of those females has any chance of ever getting pregnant is an indictment of American men…oh wait, they were waving a Mexican flag.

    Usted gritando vacas, hazme un sammich. Chop, chop.

  4. Serious question. Is left really this morally bankrupt that they do not see how everything they say they stand for contradicts with their actions?

  5. Say, you folks may be interested in this. Federal employees are sending out Facebook posts (and simaliar) saying that due to a hiring freeze, you may have to wait longer for whatever services you waiting on. Reading between the lines….I see an intentional slow-down in service. Industrial unions used to do that back in the day.

    My question is…..what do all those employees do? And we are talking about a freeze. All their friends who have been downsized out in the real world may not have that much sympathy.

  6. Chuck, here’s a related Powerline report; more or less, the 2.7 million civilian government employees are in 63 levels, meaning that the “tooth to tail” ratio of bureaucracy is all wrong with an average number of subordinates per manager of something like 1.24.

    So to bureaucrats who want to stage a work slowdown or strike….one word. PATCO.

  7. George Soros is to himself what he was to the British Pound as he is now to tampion(nf).

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