12 thoughts on “At Long Last, Agreement!

  1. The week before the election, I saw a Prius (of course) with 2 bumper stickers on it. One said “Bernie”, the other “Never Hillary”. If he/she was active in the Socialist party, Hillary would have been irrelevant. If he was an old style Democrat, he would have settled for and promoted The Queen.
    But this tells me that the hard left views the Democrat party as their vehicle for taking power.
    The left is right about one thing…there are a lot of young liberal arts graduates who are very leftist and have no loyalty to older Democrat power holders. They want to move very far to the left (“free” heathcare, Atheist/anti-Christian, powerful central control, windmills, heavy regulation of private business, etc).
    That “long march through the institutions” that started after violent revolution failed in 1969 or so……..the next institution to fall to people even more liberal than those 70s lefties is the Democrat party.

  2. But if you are Michael Moore, the question asked is “Do you want more fries with that”.

  3. That “long march through the institutions” that started after violent revolution failed in 1969 or so

    Failed? Are you kidding? Just look at the education system turning out snowflakes and likes of eTASS. Alas, they succeeded. Spectacularly. It is a question if we can reach the snowflakes through all the fog caused by libturd brainwashing. Alas, the case of eTASS proves it is an uphill battle, and in his personal case, impossible.

  4. If hakim x gets voted in as chairman they will have. The only question then is when will a viable 3rd party show up.

  5. JPA….I meant that there were those that wanted to literally overthrow the US gov’t in the last 60s. When that didn’t occur, then they started to takeover internally.

    Think Billy Ayres. A murdering terrorist at first, then he started to work by taking over the institutions. That was successful.

  6. When I see Moore I think of Fat Bastard of the Austin Powers movies, only lacking any of the FB’s charm or humor.

  7. I dunno, Scott. MM looks more like Jabba the Hutt to me. Only JtH was more coherent.

  8. JPA, not to be overly cruel but when it comes to MM I’m thinking take a blob to lunch!!

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