Last summer, when the people of the UK voted to leave the EU in the fabled “Brexit”, the same pundits who routinely Americans for “voting against their best interests” took a time out to chide Brits for voting…against their “best interests”.   The Brit economy was going to tank, returning the UK, if not to the Third World, at least into an impemetrable economic fog.

The landed punditry hasn’t been doing so well this year:

Business activity hit a 17-month high last month, meaning that the economy grew by 2.2 per cent last year — more than the six other leading nations, including the US, Germany and Japan.

Far from slowing after the referendum in June, as predicted by the Treasury and Bank of England, [and a rogue’s gallery of American pundits with portfolio – Ed.] growth appeared to have improved. GDP grew at 0.3 per cent and 0.6 per cent in the first two quarters of last year, compared with 0.6 per cent and an estimated 0.5 per cent in the final period.

On the one hand, time will tell.

On the other hand, our departing president wishes he’d had two consecutive quarters as good as that particular “failed experiment”.

7 thoughts on “Unexpected!

  1. Most of us here could have predicted this.
    One of the advantages/disadvantages of getting older is you rarely see anything new. The problem is I am usually right and can give examples of why the other side has been wrong before and is wrong again. I have a memory like an elephant when it comes to political debates. But “I told you so” never seems to get through to other side. Not to say it in an arrogant way, but just to present facts.
    Speaking of never seeing anything new……most likely we will see a repeat of the Reagan years on entertainment TV shows starting soon, where they will put in a nasty character who is obviously a takeoff of Trump.

  2. “most likely we will see a repeat of the Reagan years on entertainment TV shows”

    Hollywood will reboot The West Wing so progressives will have a safe space reality-wise. A shadow government of sorts.
    sad thing is during the past year a number of “progressive” friends quoted clips from The West Wing to me as though these were real things a President had said.

  3. Not only could most of us have predicted this, but a fair number of us did. The predictions of gloom and doom were more or less based on the assumption that EU negotiators would cut off their nose to spite their face by insisting on ruinous tariffs with a chief trading partner of the EU. Faced with reality and relative sanity, business was free to conclude that not only would they have reasonable trade policies, but improved domestic policies. “boom”, quite literally.

  4. kel,

    They don’t need to create The West Wing 2.0, because they have its current iteration in the form of “Madam Secretary”. It’s creator is the same, uber left wing idiot Aaron Sorkin. His goal in creating it and Communist Broadcasting System picking it up for broadcast, was to support HilLIARy’s presidential bid. If memory serves, it first aired after the Benghazi murders.

  5. 73 months of consecutive growth according to Al Sharpton. Whour are you going to believe guys him or your lying eyes of what you see everyday?

  6. I always thought the EU was a backdoor way of making all of Europe adhere to the Napoleanic Code. The EU loves its Metric System.

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