Gotta Move Fast

My piece earlier this noon hour, about the complete collapse of Jessica Chastain’s anti-2nd-Amendment melodrama Miss Sloane, reminds me of a problem that’s emerged this past year.

Sloane was the second movie in the past 12 months involving an issue in which I’m fairly intimately involved, and that I’ve actually wanted to go to a theater to see (the other  was the hilariously-mistitled Truth, which passed unlamented by anyone but the left’s movie critics in the winter of 2015), albeit only at a second-run theater like the Riverview; I’m not gonna give Hollywood the satisfaction of paying full price to watch its propaganda.

Either, it seems, did anyone else.  Both movies disappeared from box offices faster than the Vikings left the playoff race.

The “problem”?  They leave the theaters before I can get around to going to review them.

It’s a smile problem, in the great scheme of things, but still.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Move Fast

  1. Most leftwing movies and TV shows that work have a good program that everyone can enjoy, and then throw in the political preaching as a side item.
    Example…have a good cop/detective show that we all love to watch. Then have the villian always be a white Christian Republican.

  2. Such a shame, all that money gone to waste. Just think of what that money could have done if only it had been spent to Save the Earth, or poured into our skoolz, or given to Hillary! so she could afford to have campaigned in Wisconsin and Michigan!

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