What Might Have Been

Nate Cohn notes why Hillary couldn’t reassemble the Obama Coalition:

It is entirely possible, as many have argued, that Hillary Clinton would be the president-elect of the United States if the F.B.I. director, James Comey, had not sent a letter to Congress about her emails in the last weeks of the campaign.

But the electoral trends that put Donald J. Trump within striking distance of victory were clear long before Mr. Comey sent his letter. They were clear before WikiLeaks published hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee. They were even clear back in early July, before Mr. Comey excoriated Mrs. Clinton for using a private email server.

It was clear from the start that Mrs. Clinton was struggling to reassemble the Obama coalition.

At every point of the race, Mr. Trump was doing better among white voters without a college degree than Mitt Romney did in 2012 — by a wide margin. Mrs. Clinton was also not matching Mr. Obama’s support among black voters.

The one “down side” – I”m exaggerating – to Clinton’s loss as far as I’m concerned?

We won’t be able to test my theory that, had Clinton won, all the liberal money and media love lavished on Black Lives Matter would have dried up before Hillary Clinton left the inauguration stage, because the reason George Soros was pouring megabucks into BLM was to get black voters, who’d turned out in cataclysmic numbers for Obama, to take any interest in a geriatric white patrician.

3 thoughts on “What Might Have Been

  1. We know that Trump and his posse are now running the GOP. Priebus is fetching Trump coffee, fer gawd’s sake.
    But who is running the Democrats? They are a geriatric, DC-centered bunch. I strongly suspect that there is a power struggle going on between the Clinton camp and the Obama camp. Whichever side wins, it will be good news for the GOP. Who would the Clinton candidate be in 2020? Cuomo?
    If Ellison gets the DNC chair, that means the Obama faction is calling the shots.
    Obama seems to be setting up some sort of shadow government (was that racist? Of course it was!). In my opinion it won’t work. The man will have little appeal once his telephone and pen have been taken away. He is no Bill Clinton. And I don’t only mean that he does not have the political and personal skills of Bill Clinton. I don’t believe that Obama is as smart as Bill Clinton.

  2. Your theory is a fail because Soros is not just an energetic Democcrat campaigner.

    He is a malignant soul who wants to take down America.

    The other “down side” of the Hillary loss for you is that Trump won. And you still can’t get your brain around it.

  3. Mitch, if you need a topic, Kim Norton won’t shut up about the Russians “hacking” our election. You can see it on Zerwas’s feed.

    IMO, it was standard signals intelligence and this is just how global power works. They wanted to weaken her as POTUS. It worked a little too well.

    Wikileaks just showed how worthless the Democrat party is in actually improving things as opposed to just grabbing power.

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