Why The Electoral College Matters

It protects the minority from the majority.

Given that Florida and Texas are fairly red and growing fast, and New York and California are blue and shrinking, I’d suspect a lot of liberals would agree that that’s going to be a good thing for them before too terribly long.

But watching how the left is panicking over executive orders and the “nuclear option” now, after applauding Obama and Harry Reid for for broadening EOs and the Nuclear Option, I don’t think long-term planning is one of their strong suits.

2 thoughts on “Why The Electoral College Matters

  1. The popular vote means 25 urban areas control everyone else like colonies. The direct election of senators already gives urban areas excess power.

  2. DG,

    Much as I would love to let the people in my comment section – an MD, a couple of engineers, a scientist or two, some lawyers and accountants and other people who actually know what they’re talking about – loose on the low comedy that is your attempt at condescension, rules are rules.

    You were told to respond to the responses to this post before I’d let your comments out of moderation.

    Your comment on this thread in particular was yet another howler. I honestly wish my integrity would allow me to inflict it on my audience, for shredding it deserves.

    But much as I’d love to subject your comments to the skinning they deserve, I said what I was gonna do, and I’m gonna do it.

    Go there and respond. Because you’re wrong. And anyone wants to condescend to me, they’d damn well better pack the gear.

    You do not.

    Answer my questions at the link above, or find another playground.

    There is no “c”.

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