“We, The Undersigned…

…group of actors – people who earn an intermittent living acting like people we’re not, who almost universally live in a place and culture, Hollywood, that has no bearing on the objective reality most Americans live in – who are mostly famous for playing roles in a series about a fictional, utopian, creepily big-brotherish universal government, playing to a fan base that has treated us and the franchise (of, let me repeat, fiction) in which we acted like a pseudo-religion, which has continued to keep many of us paid via two generations of fan fairs and other residuals, ask  you, the people of the real world, to take our political advice seriously“.

I guess there’s a reason I’m not in PR for the Screen Actors Guild.

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  1. Does anyone know why George Takei looking at the camera and purring “Oh my” then smirking is even a deal?

  2. So some people who made millions by reading words that other people wrote are ordering me to vote for a fascist for president? The very few people I know who actually support Trump (as opposed to voting for him as because Hillary is the alternative) are very hard working people. They contribute more to society than Hollywood actors.

  3. the TV franchise has always had its feet firmly planted in the prevailing winds;
    ST:Original Series = Empire Builder/Adventure Trek
    ST:TNG = Corporate Trek (complete with telepathic HR rep Troi)
    ST:DS9 = Diversity Trek
    ST:Voyager = Chick Trek
    ST:Enterprise = Search for Authenticity Trek

    All the Star Trek products were written from the perspective of people who congratulate themselves they have “selected the right side of history” and now live at the end of that history – its no surprise they would select and promote the politics of sclerosis.

  4. Whoopie f*cking Goldberg brought my 15 year mission to bravely go where no man has gone before to a screeching halt; my dilithium crystals melted down, matter and anti-matter came together in direct contact and my head exploded.

    I guess it’s safe to say that I really couldn’t care less what the cast has to say, even if I ever happened to hear it; which I wont.

  5. But what does Steven Tyler think? I CAN”T VOTE UNTIL I HEAR WHAT STEVEN TYLER THINKS!!!

  6. Movie announcer voice: “In a world where TMZ is most peoples primary news source…”
    That’s about it. On NPR yesterday I heard the on-air Lefty intone that the Kardashian stick up had knocked Trump’s latest outrage from the ‘A’ story position.

  7. It seems to me the most coherent thing I ever saw out of the SAG, with the obvious exception of Ronald Reagan, was the near perfect correlation of the location of Counselor Troi’s bodice line with the ratings of “Star Trek”. Thankfully the ratings never completely tanked, or they’d have had to go exclusively on cable.

    Come to think of it, bodice lines also correspond almost precisely with acting ability.

  8. “…was the near perfect correlation of the location of Counselor Troi’s bodice line with the ratings of “Star Trek”. ”
    As the host of this small, yet regionally prominent blog has noted; With a comment section populated with engineers, PhD’s, physicists and one or two actual rocket scientists, you will learn more in the comments section of SitD than in most university settings.

  9. Years ago I read that the woman who played Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) celebrated her being signed onto the program by buying a Chrysler Lebaron convertible. Then she married her tennis instructor.
    From this, fellow nerds, I reckon the price of admission to Counselor Troi’s pants would have been a six pack of Schlitz and tickets to the roller rink.

  10. Powerline has a couple of hilarious video parodies of that commercial. Check them out.

  11. To be fair, my comment was just a quote of someone far more devoted to STTNG than was I–I was amused far more by the cultlike walk of devotees down to the TV room in my dorm more than by the show–and to be fair to Sirtis, she appears to be married to her first husband, and her name does not appear on the list of names in Mitch’s link.

    But that said, it is hilarious that actors from a show that made such ample use of women’s assets are pretending to stand up for the dignity of women. Pot, meet kettle, girls.

  12. Marina Sirtis signed the petition.

    From what I can tell, it was signed by every surviving cast member of the five Star Trek series and the Abramsverse abomination except for William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, Diana Mulder, Colm Meany, Avery Brooks, Alexander Siddig, Nana Visitor, Richard Beltram, Roxana Dawson, Garret Wang, Jennifer Lien, Jeri Ryan, and Jolene Blalock.

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