Deplorables Like Us

Hillary “regrets” the “gross generalization” of saying:

“…you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” Clinton said. “Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”
She added, “And unfortunately, there are people like that and he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.”
Clinton then said some of these people were “irredeemable” and “not America.”

Candidate says something stupid on the campaign trail that the media gingerly reports during the weekend news dump, and quickly walks it back Saturday? Dog bites man.

Democrat noise machine (non-profit and mainstream media divisions) leap into action to support the “gross generalization” within hours, waving polls of deeply suspicious origin about?

Dog licks dog.

Here’s the problem with the “gross generalization”; Hillary Clinton doesn’t take a dump if it’s not part of a plan.  This was no accidental “gross generalization”.

The other problem?  The things she accuses the “irredeemable deplorables” of are nice and non-specific; each deserves a section in the DFL Dictionary (more later this week.    They resemble nothing so much as Article 76 of the Soviet Constitution – which basically covered nonspecific crimes against the state that weren’t articulated anywhere else – sort of an extrajudicial wild card.

Question government “human rights” policy?  Or even debate that racism is anything but a social construct of white Americans? You’re racist!

Point out the bias built into domestic abuse law, or even question the result of modern feminism?  You’re sexist!

Stand for traditional marriage?  You’re a hatefui homophobe!

Advocate caution and protecting our economically disadvantaged with immigration policy?  You’re xenophobic and probalby Islamaphobic!

Are you in the irredeemable half of the “not voting for Hillary” public, or not?

Depends on where they need you to be.  Only they know for sure.

Hillary’s “generalization” was a slander of half the American people.

30 thoughts on “Deplorables Like Us

  1. You dehumanize your political opponents. Make them less than human. As you posted last week, you create a faceless all-powerful boogeyman (ALEC!!!), or make your opponents monsters. See Terri Bonoff calling the very moderate Erik Paulsen an evil racist.

  2. Dog bites man
    Dog licks dog.

    Ah, shucks! After such a promising lead in, I was hoping to see Man bites dog and Man licks man statements.

  3. Ohhhh The Donald has a new commercial out. On Hillary’s Deplorable (TM) comment. Its very good. Simple and good. It makes Hillary look like a total D-Bag.

  4. What I find deplorable is a woman who claims to have pneumonia, and continues to go around in public while still being contagious, including giving a little girl a nice little hug. Nothing like spreading contagion to the entire world around you to say “I’m with the people.”

  5. I wish she hadn’t said Trump was “deplorable” but instead “despicable.”

    Think of the marketing opportunity for “Trump Minion” shirts.

  6. “Pneumonia”? How do you diagnose pneumonia w/o a chest xray?
    Who was the doctor? Where did he see her? Why did she see him in the first place? What else was in the diagnosis?
    Remember, the Clintons lie. They lie about matters big and small. They make others lie for them. They lie about inconsequential things, just to stay in practice.

  7. If there aren’t ‘I’m a deplorable and proud of it’ tshirts at the debate watch partyour your marketing department is moronic Mitch

  8. FYI she has parkinsons and really might hit make it to election day. We’re certainly ready for her to join a long line of politicians down here

  9. bikebubba on September 12, 2016 at 4:28 pm said:
    Note that none of these tests could have been performed in Chelsea’s apartment.

    You have to parse things carefully with the Clintons.
    The doctor who saw Hillary on Sunday did not make the pneumonia diagnosis. Instead she said that Hillary had been diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia, presumably by another doctor. No one with medical knowledge and a professional obligation to be truthful has said that Hillary has ‘walking pneumonia.’

  10. Mitch writes: “Hillary’s ‘generalization’ was a slander of half the American people.”

    Two points:
    I never thought you were mathematically challenged. Misguided, yes. But I had assumed you could figure out the math. Before this.

    So Mrs Clinton says half of Trump supporters are deplorables. You somehow transmute that to half the population. So are you assuming all Americans are voting for Trump?

    Unless so, you’re wrong. And if so, you’re also wrong. There is a consistent theme there. No surprise.


    You and other folks here sure like to play victim.

    Rick Mons

  11. Rick

    Your habit of condescending first and asking questions later has betrayed you yet again. Because while I don’t brag about my math skills, my reading comprehension is pretty good. Yours, on the other hand…

    Didja catch this part, Rick?

    The things she accuses the “irredeemable deplorables” of are nice and non-specific; each deserves a section in the DFL Dictionary (more later this week. They resemble nothing so much as Article 76 of the Soviet Constitution – which basically covered nonspecific crimes against the state that weren’t articulated anywhere else – sort of an extrajudicial wild card.

    Anyone who doesn’t vote for Hillary – it’s going to be somewhere around half the country – can be part of that “quarter” at any time. The boundaries of that “quarter” float freely, at the whim of whomever wants to define…me!

    Remember – the ONLY reason not to vote for Hillary is Misogyny! The ONLY reason to not vote Democrat is you hate the poor and want to kill the old and return to child labor!

    It’s the same gag the Dems always run – just dumber.

  12. You and other folks here sure like to play victim.

    You like to parrot a lot of chanting points.

    ALL dissent and criticism if “victimhood”, isn’t it?

  13. Rick Mons wrote:

    “You and other folks here sure like to play victim.”

    Yes, because we all know the _real_ victim of this slander against Trump supporters here are run-of-the-mill Democrats. Easily lead, gullible as hell, hating hater Democrats.

    Who else would buy the glittering generality version of “your political opponents are conveniently bad people” so reliably and so fully? Sure, some Republicans will do the same, but most Republican politicians don’t get away with bumbling stupidity and obvious lies.

  14. I wish she hadn’t said Trump was “deplorable” but instead “despicable.”

    Actually, a much better “despicable” spokesman would be Duffy Duck.

  15. including giving a little girl a nice little hug.

    Consider the incident. If you think a little girl can appear out of nowhere and get this close to sHrillary without a cordon of secret service and nurses in sight, I would check if you had taken your reality vs staged pills.

  16. And remember, deplorables like us are also a privileged lot. We’re privileged to not talk politics at work if it involves conservative topics, lest we be reprimanded. We’re privileged to give a great deal of our middle class income to cronies of big government. We’re privileged to be the scapegoats of [insert trendy liberal problem here].

    All the while, we’re so deplorable that we don’t block freeways or threaten violence to effect change. We just patiently and steadfastly go to the polls and exercise our right to vote.

  17. Rick Mons? Rick Mons the one time moderator of the Saint Paul Issues Forum? The issues forum that featured group hair tearing melt-downs whenever a DFL reprobate was called out for some act of skullduggery?

    That Rick Mons?

    Lol…you poor thing.

  18. Rick, got some news for you. You accuse a quarter of voters of bigotry without evidence, as HIlliary has done, you got problems. In less restrained times, we called that kind of thing “fightin’ words”, and moreover, Hilliary’s “argument” for this is more or less summarized as the “guilt by association fallacy”.

    Sorry, but we’re not going to let her bigotry slide.

  19. It’s Lefty Privilege to make assumptions and cast aspersions about “those people” without worrying about any blowback. If a KKK member said something similar about “those people” in the context of a campaign it would lead the news cycle for three days.

  20. bikebubba, I think the lefties think they can get away with maligning a segment of the voters because:
    – those voters weren’t going to vote for Hillary anyway
    – those voters are “old white” people who they’re counting on a good chunk either dying off or being in a nursing home at the next election (either way, they’ll probably be voting Democrat by then)

    Call me an optimist, but I would hope that enough independents see the difference between Donald “He says mean things” Trump and Hillary “Why isn’t she in jail?” Clinton, and that enough voters in general wonder it would take for them to be become part of “those people”.

  21. Democrats talk about how Republicans are racist and stupid. Republicans talk about how Democrats are lazy and immoral. As a result, on Nov. 9, half of the country will loathe the President elect.

  22. Actually, eTASS, Demoncrats are racist, stupid, lazy and immoral as you keep proving to us all, day in and day out.

    As for your insightful loathing statement – thank you for a Man licks Man comment.

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