Return Of The DFL Dictionary

One of the features that originally put this blog on the map was “The DFL Dictionary” – a list of the Democrat party’s perversions of the English Language.

It occurs to me – the feature hasn’t been updated in close to eight years.

So today I’m going to start working on an update

New Terms:  Here are some of the new terms I’d like to try to define:

  • Rape Culture
  • Safe Space
  • Trigger
  • Systemic Racism
  • Black Vulnerabilty
  • cultural normalcy
  • Vagenda of Manocide
  • Mansplaining
  • Voter Suppression
  • Wage Gap
  • Consent Text
  • Privilege
  • Cisgender
  • Shaming
  • Police Brutatily / Police Overreach
  • Race based
  • Hands Up Don’t Shoot
  • “Justice” (saka “Racial Justice”)
  • “Oppressor”
  • Social Justice Warrior
  • Privilege
  • Appropriation
  • Supremacy
  • Xenophobic
  • Misogynistic

I’m open for new definitions of these terms (and I have a few myself, but most of you are smarter than me).   If you’ve got a definition or two, throw ’em in down in the comment section.

And then…:

What Have I Missed?:  I know I’ve missed some terms.  Throw ’em in down in the comment section!

22 thoughts on “Return Of The DFL Dictionary

  1. BLM – license to riot, loot, beat up, scream, block traffic, disrespect the flag, break any law you please, without any consequence and with full support of the goobernment.

  2. “Shaming”–to point out unwelcome facts to someone in denial.
    “Mansplaining” for a male to point out unwelcome facts to female liberals.

  3. Rape Culture:
    Suggesting that a girl’s decision to post her 5 nights of anonymous hook-ups during Spring break in Daytona on YouTube defines her sense of integrity or her morality in any way.

  4. Social Justice Warrior:
    Something someone with a $60k poly-sci degree does to kill time between shifts at Starbucks.

  5. Xenophobic:
    1. White men who suggest that illiterate, unskilled refugees from some smoking third world trash heap do not bring as much value as a skilled bricklayer from Poland did.

    2. White men who do not see the benefit a large, non-English speaking population has brought to Canada.

  6. “Privilege”: assumed reason that an “oppressor” is living in a nice home in the suburbs while a “victim” lives in a dingy apartment in the hood, or under a highway bridge surrounded by a pile of empty “forties” and needles.

  7. “Police Brutality”; any case where someone is subjected to physical force by peace officers, whether or not that person did something to incite that use of physical force.

    “Cisgender”; a person whose original plumbing is intact, and is OK with that. Also, term used to persuade the 99.7% of people who are “normal” that being OK with your original plumbing is not normal.

    “Hands up don’t shoot”; phrase used to describe situations of “police brutality” where the decedent was either assaulting an officer, or was threatening him with a lethal weapon.

    “Wage gap”; phenomenon used by people with the word “studies” in their degree to describe why their wages are less than those who have passed a semester of calculus, or have learned a trade.

  8. Empowered:
    Anything that comes out of my pie hole, and it will be plenty, is off limits to critique or criticism of any sort.

  9. “[A group’s] Best Interests”: Any progressive agenda point that applies to a given set of issues.

  10. Hillary Clinton has recently brought up “implicit bias” again. It means that: all of middle America is biased. Skepticism of the assertion, or even lack of knowledge of the bias is a manifestation of said bias and proof of its existence. Implicit bias requires a massive amount of funding to properly enlightened (i.e. left-wing orthodox) individuals to re-educate the masses on how utterly and irremediably racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, patriarchal, and hetero-normative they really are.

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  12. Voter suppression– the crazy notion that dead people, felons, non-citizens, and fictional persons should not be allowed to vote.

  13. Here’s one on a different tangent:

    Vote/voter fraud: Non-existent, fantasy, an entirely hateful, oppressive, *-ist Right-Wing construct. Almost unrealistic as the christian bible. (no, those words do not deserve to be capitalized, neither does the word “g_d”)

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