Fiction And Fact

Fiction: Liberal “comedians”, trying to show how easy it is to “legally” buy a gun without a background check, show that the law and system works (not that they’re apparently smart enough to see it that way, judging by their responses in the comment section) – and flirt with committing a felony in the process:

Note for those who don’t know their gun laws: “Comic” Steve Hofstetter took his friend in with his ID to do the buy, which – “joking” notwithstanding – went through without a hitch.  Because “Brent”, the “buyer”, was perfectly legal.   He has a criminal record and is, as such, a relatively low risk, himself.

But if he’d given the gun to someone who was otherwise disqualified from owning a gun,  that, too, would be a felony.  And while Steve Hofstetter’s “comedy” would be a disqualifying felony in a just world, it’s not in this one.  But if Steve had a couple DWIs, a domestic abuse rap, or some other mischief on his record?  They’re both committing a felony.

So you might ask – what if a criminal with a long felony rap sheet had gotten a friend with a clean record to go to a gun show and buy a gun, and give it to him out in the parking lot?  Well, it’s already illegal, and both parties would be committing a felony.  And if we instituted mandatory background checks to close the so-called “gun show loophole” – more about that below – then what?  They’d be committing another felony – which, like the two they committed without the mandatory background check, will go utterly undetected until some other crime is committed.

Same as today!

Fact:  Crowder goes to actual gun shows, tries to actually find the “gun show loophole”.

And fails:

Not that I need to reinforce this to people who are smart enough to deserve the right to vote – I get this.

I mostly write these things so smart people can pass it on to their friends who need convincing and educating.  Because God knows there are still a lot of them out there.

4 thoughts on “Fiction And Fact

  1. You lie Merg!

    There is a gun show next weekend, and me and my undercover krewe of smart liberals are gonna carry wheelbarrows full of teh gunz and ammo out to our ANTI-CHOICE TERRORIST VAN (yes, terrorist…says so right on the side).

    Background checks? What? There’s not gonna be any background checks, oh hell no Merg. We’re way too smart for that. It’s gonna be simple, like President Obama said; we just go, we negotiate price and we carry the goods out…several studies have proved we can do this, so that’s the way it is.

    Once again, your reportage is crap. President Hillary is going to put you and your right wing nut job friends in re-education camps until we are sure you are no longer a danger to America. And your continued hectoring of Hillary is shit. She is not under criminal investigation, Merg…that IS A LIE. The FBI is triple checking Hillary’s correct and legal handling of secret documents. Hillary welcomes this intense FACTCHECKING because she has DONE EVERYTHING right and is COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT. You and your crap friends have FAILED to bring any credible FACTS, you are just throwing SHIT against the wall to see what sticks, and nothing does stick either, because HILLARY IS TEFLON. Hillary is Going TO bE THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER, MERG! IT’S GONNA HAPPEN; I HAVE FACTCHECKED THE SHIT OUT OF THE TRUTH AND THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. YOU ARE ALL CRAP AND SHIT! PUT TAB A INTO SLOT B AND FOLD PANEL C INTO IT DISPOSE OF PROPERLY DONT WATCH FOOD COOK IN A MICROWAVE CRAP SHIT CRAP SHIT CRAP SHIT AHHHHH

    Hope all is well with your family.

  2. either someone has hacked DG’s logon and is parodying her or someone should call the local cops and have them do a welfare check (looks like its back to inpatient treatment for you DG)

  3. But . . . this can’t be true! I’ve read articles written by credentialed journalists from the best schools (NOT state universities) who say that in America anyone can walk into any gun store and by any weapon they want, no questions asked!

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