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Random thoughts after a pretty awful day yesterday:

Incongruity: So if #BlackLivesMatter, why do they only make the news the relatively small percent of the time when there’s a white shooter?

X Marks The Lack Of Spot: Speaking of shooters, MNGOPAC has a little reminder for everyone that’s jabbering about “commonsense gun control”:


They should add a line for “repeal gun free zones”.

It wouldn’t necessarily result in a green check box.  We’d need a third tick mark; a blue question mark labeled “would probably deter killers, give victims a chance“.

We Need More Like This:  Sheriff John Hanlin – the Douglas County Sheriff in whose juridiction the shooting took place – has long sparred with gun control hamsters.

And yesterday, his office refused to name the murderer – doing his best to deny the human roach the infamy and publicity he desired.

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  1. I just got back from an interesting presentation by Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones and other books about longevity, describing the commonalities of communities with markedly longer lifespans and reduced healthcare costs (most aren’t in the U.S.). Interesting food for thought and even action, though his heart – and most of the audience – leans toward nanny-state methods of enforcing healthy habits.

    During the Q&A, a written question from the audience was phrased something like, “Shootings such as yesterday’s demonstrate that there’s a lack of hope in communities. What is the role of hope in longevity?” I’m sure many in the audience were nodding sagely at the question.

    Buettner’s response – and I’m going to have to listen to the playback on MPR – was to the effect of, “Well, it’s interesting…but with the exception of San Luis Obispo (one of the “Blue Zones”), Blue Zones typically have few gun restrictions and guns are regularly carried.” That took me by surprise, but I’m pretty sure that that is what he said because there was audible gasping from audience at that statement.

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  3. It was an interesting presentation, with useful information. Unfortunately, I got the definite impression that Buettner would be fine with forcing people into healthier life-styles by law, rather than individual choice. In fact, at one point he said “We have to stop beating the dead horse of individual responsibility. It’s not working,” going on to say we needed civic-wide action and coordination between governments and businesses to restrict choices.

  4. The BLM people are evil, but they aren’t stupid.
    They don’t care about Black people being shot and killed. What they care about is Black people being shot and killed by non-Blacks. The know the way to do this is to make the police hesitate to shoot Black people when they would not hesitate in shooting a non-Black. Since Blacks experience more social pathologies than non-Blacks, they are bound to commit more acts which justify a police shooting than non-Blacks. The only way you can reach parity, where Blacks are no more likely to be shot by a cop than non-Blacks, is to make the cops not shoot Blacks in situations where they would shoot a non-Black.
    The reason why Black leaders support gun control and especially hate stand your ground laws is similar. A Black who shoots someone will probably go to jail. A non-Black who shoots a Black is more likely to go free. Parity can only be achieved by forbidding guns for self-defense by everyone.

  5. Prussian Blue is on to something! Blacks are more likely to shoot someone during commission of a crime. Non-blacks are more likely to shoot someone in self-defense. BLM says they both shot somebody and ought to be treated equally. It’s like a bizarre corollary to William F. Bucklry’s quote, “the equivalent of saying that the man who pushes an old lady into the path of a hurtling bus is not to be distinguished from the man who pushes an old lady out of the path of a hurtling bus: on the grounds that, after all, in both cases someone is pushing old ladies around.”

  6. The word “justice” is hard to define. Justice depends on point of view. The goal is to not a “more just society”, but the power to make a group’s idea of justice enforceable. There is nothing racial about it, it’s the same-old, same-old.
    There are scary parallels between white supremacists and Black grievance mongers and SJW’s. For both, race is front and center, The most important thing in their lives. Poor, racist whites believe that whatever problems they have in life are due to the Jews and the Blacks. And the greedy capitalists. Got a shitty education? Can’t find a good job? In debt up to your ears to the credit card companies? Lost your house to the bank? It’s the fault of the Blacks and the Jews and the capitalists.
    Blacks lay the blame for the above on “structural racism”, which does not describe a thing that exists in the real world (any more than “romance” is a thing that exists in the real world), and is not a result of any person’s intentions or actions.

  7. Mister Buettner is not alone in his totalitarian disregard for individual freedom.

    Many “health” bureaucrats would be happy if everyone died after a healthy, long life of slavery to their ever changing whims regarding what is “healthy”.

    In fact, they probably wouldn’t mind setting up some Soylant Green system to make sure everyone died at exactly the same age to minimize “health disparities”.

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