Silva Lining

Notwithstanding the fact that the Saint Paul Public Schools under Superintendant Valeria Silva have been stagnant at best, the district gave her a pretty dang spectacular pay hike in renewing her contract for four years.

She’s paid back her constituents by applying for a job in Palm Beach:

On Monday night, the St. Paul school district issued a statement in reaction to Silva’s Florida job application.

According to the statement made on behalf of the school board by chairwoman Mary Doran:

“It is not surprising that Superintendent Silva would be in demand by school districts across the country.

“She is a nationally recognized education leader. Saint Paul schools are notably successful. We have been a model for other districts in many ways. That attracts attention and recruiters.

“The board negotiated a new contract with Superintendent Silva with the expectation that she would be with us for three more years. She has devoted her entire academic career to Saint Paul’s children. Not many cities can say that about their superintendent.

It actually is more than just mercenarism; the Saint Paul Teachers Federation is unhappy with Silva and the School Board, and is essentially going to buy the upcoming school board elections, which’ll make life difficult to impossible for Silva, and open the door to a new superintendent, in this case a toady almost literally hand-picked by the union to carry out its wishes more closely than even the current board.

One thing that won’t change?  The new Superintendent will be a product of the “Celebrity Superintendent” system, and will cost a metric buttload of money.

6 thoughts on “Silva Lining

  1. This makes sense. It was Palm Beach County voters, after all, who couldn’t figure out a simple ballot in the 2000 election, no? Rush referred to them as “Rio Palm Beach County” for a long time for this reason. So the superintendent will be among intellectual equals there, it seems.

  2. Here’s what I’d like to know: If she wins the job in FL, and leaves here within a matter of months, does she still get 4 years worth of salary, “longevity” (irony much?), car stipend and 2 years of performance bonus?

    Thank you, St Paul Taxpayers. It’s Christmas at Ground Zero!

  3. Alas Bill, I am afraid you may have wait to for Christmas a little while longer. I bet Commandant Silva will get a generous increase in her salary and benefits to make sure this “talent” does not fly to warmer climes.

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