The C Word

Andrew Malcolm in the LATimes on Obama’s audible on a press conference:

Here’s the scary thing for the new White House: the terrifying words “Jimmy Carter” have started appearing in print and on the air, recalling the ex-Georgia governor’s ineptness and…….apparent powerlessness in handling his Iranian (hostage) issues in the late 1970s. That impression lead to 12 years of Reagan-Bush Republican White Houses.

Which has got to scare the Administration.

Of course, Obama can still salvage this one; quite easily, in fact, if he recognizes (unlikely as this is) that the Mullahs are not dealing with him in good faith, and that all of his olive branches (which every Administration since Reagan has presented them, by the way) are being used for basiji riot batons.

Is Obama so committed to the notion of repudiating Bush’s Wilsonian doctrine that he’ll ignore the fact that stoking emnity with the US helps keep the mullahs in power?  And that he’s no less a target for this enmity than Bush or Reagan were?

On the one hand – is Obama “committed” to anything?

On the other – Obama has built his entire foreign policy (to the extent that he has one at all) on the ideal that terrorist theocrat thugs are people too, and deserve just as much respect as the British Parliament.

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  1. And no, I don’t think Sinbad was particularly funny. David Patterson? Now THERE’S a comic genius.

  2. Not at all, Mitch. Angryclown continued to root for America, despite the fact that our country was being led by a retard. Angryclown hoped that, somehow, Bush’s retarded policies would advance American interests.

  3. My 401(k)’s up on this administration, Volcano Boy. Maybe you kooks should be thinking about 2016 at this point.

  4. “And the Republic party set itself up with a choice between a white guy and six other white guys. I guess that’s how you kooks prove you’re not racist or sexist.”

    I didn’t notice the color of their skin, AssClown, I was focusing on the content of their charecter, their experience, their qualifications, and their positions on the issues. “Present” is not a position.

    I did notice the sex of the GOP VP nominee. Oh yeah!!!

  5. K-Rod lied: “I didn’t notice the color of their skin”

    Haha! Silly douchebag! Yeah, I’m guessing you thought Giuliani was a black guy, Romney a Native American and McCain a Chinaman.

  6. Retard? Project much?

    Go ahead and be a tool, AssClown, the low IQ talking point has been debunked, but the sheeple keep repeating the lie.

  7. Clownie suggested “Maybe you kooks should be thinking about 2016 at this point. ”
    Personally, I am thinking about 2010. I know the DNC is, and they can’t like the prognosis.

  8. The color of their skin was never a consideration, AssClown, you tool.
    Weren’t you one that commented on McCain’s skin color? Skeletor or some other sophmoric comment? *slaps AC with the giant hand*

    Pretty weak meltdown, AssClown, you can do better. 😆

  9. How many non-white guys ran for the D nomination in 2000? 2004? Was the D party racist in those ancient days?
    And Alan Keyes ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 1996, 2000, and 2008, Angry Moron.

  10. Well Clownie, Obama can only whine about “the mess he inherited” for so long. I’m thinking the shelf lif on that has just about expired.

  11. Actually, Kerm, he’s fixing it, despite the best efforts of far-right kooks like yourself. (See post about Angryclown’s 401(k).) You see, under Bush, the economy got worse. Under Obama, better. I know you kooks are much more concerned with Jesus in schools and fetuses and whatnot, but that economy thing’s gonna be enough for most people, right there.

  12. Oboy:

    You see, under Bush, the economy got worse.

    Well, no. It started rough (the dotcom bubble was starting to deflate even before 9/11), got very, very good (thanks mostly to Bush’s tax cuts), and then the very bipartisan Mortgage Bubble burst, ending a very good four year run by any (intellectually honest) measure.

    Under Obama, better.

    Well, again, no. Things dropped, and have stayed down, and there’s a pretty good chance of a double-dip recession (especially given Obama’s “response” to the recession.

    As your clown mentor Jerry Rubin once said, “You never count your money as you’re sitting at the table. There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done”.

  13. Please, just keep clinging to that fantasy. At least until after the first Tuesday in November of 2010.

  14. My 401(k)’s up on this administration, Volcano Boy.

    Did you sink everything you had into gold, canned goods and ammunition?

  15. Obama signed the latest legislation, he could have used the veto or proposed something different; he owns it now.
    His fixes are making things worse, AssClown.

  16. Clown- i heard WGN in Chicago might start a new Bozo daytime show like the origional one in the 60`s and 70`s. Your`re in.

  17. angryclown said:

    “Actually, Kerm, he’s fixing it”

    Where “fixing it” means blowing through lots of other peoples cash, right?

  18. “Angryclown has to consider you in the lead for 2009 Racist Douchebag of the Year.”

    Right. And AssClown is qualified to make that determination because every sphincter he’s ever polished is pink when he’s through with it….and every one, irregardless of race or national origin tasted like a shit taco; right AC?

    AssClown & Son Brown Eye Buffing, Inc.: An affirmative suction company.

  19. Sorry, Shiftee. If you’re going to hold on to the title for another year you’ll have to do better than this.

    Sure, you’re still a racist. And a douchebag. But you’re never going to regain championship form with generic insults like these.

    It’s sad to see the way you’re just phoning it in lately. “Spincter polishing…” Where has Angryclown heard that one before? Oh right, Shiftee’s last 8 posts. And you stole “shit taco” from Angryclown and Jon Stewart.

  20. generic insults

    But to be color blind, mustn’t insults be generic?

    I get so confused around The Englihtened.

    And you stole “s**t taco” from Angryclown and Jon Stewart.

    What’s that sound I hear? IP lawyers stampeding to be first?

  21. angryclown said:

    “Yeah, Keyes was a real candidate”

    According to the “angryclown Standard Of Racist Expression”, the above makes you a racists racist.

    Unfortunately, it also diminishes your clout in race baiting circles, so you may want to curtail your oh-so-common “you’re a racist for no credible reason” tirades. *shrug*

  22. To be fair to the clown, “credible reason” is only vanishingly rarely his motivation.

  23. See Troy, the difference between a real candidate and a pretend candidate is the real candidate gets some votes. Barack Obama got lots of votes. Alan Keyes got very, very few votes. Of course running as a black guy in Republican primaries is kinda Joe Lieberman running for the presidency of Hamas.

  24. In this thread Angry Clown defended Obama’s policy of keeping his nose out of the unrest in Iran — the first time, I think, that he has actually endorsed a specific Obama policy — hours before Obama changed it. Doh!
    Then Angry Clown asserted that getting the most electoral votes is the only qualification you need to be president, forgetting, apparently, that Bush got the most electoral votes in 2000 & 2004. Then he said that Alan Keyes wasn’t a real presidential candidate (at least he didn’t say that Keyes was not a real black man). He follows this up by criticizing Swiftee for using ‘generic insults’ immediately after he calls Swiftee ‘douchebag’.
    Yet Angry Clown remains confident that he can tell a smart man from a dumb man.
    Okay, lil’ clown! Don’t you give up now! It does a heart good to see you out there trying to play with the big kids, even if they do make fun of your harelip and your ‘special helmet’.

  25. Reading is hard for you, isn’t it Volcano Boy? We’ll give you a little more time to get through all the posts if you like. Just remember you can go faster if you don’t move your lips to all the words.

  26. Whoa there, angryclown.

    I didn’t say it was a fair assessment. I think I specifically mentioned I was using your rules. Details, facts, reality: not considered in the evaluation. And so, there you have it.

  27. Angry Clown wrote:
    But you’re never going to regain championship form with generic insults like these.
    And then Angry Clown wrote:
    Just remember you can go faster if you don’t move your lips to all the words.

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