When Leaders Were Leaders

33 years ago today, Eastern Europe seemed to be spiraling from crisis into deep crisis.

Poland’s communist government cracked down on the “Solidarity” movement.    In response, many Poles fled across the friendliest borders they could find.

And Poland’s ambassador to the US, Romuald Spasowski defected to the US – a capital offense in that Soviet puppet state.   We told that story a few years ago.

And it was in that moment, 33 years ago tonight, that Ronald Reagan showed what real leadership was. (The beef of the speech starts around 4:00 in)

When Reagan was in office, bad behavior had consquences; the Polish (and by extension Soviet) governments suffered.

Compare this with the vapid empty suit that’s currently in office, and the response the suit has had to provocations similar to the Solidarity Christmas.  Far from Reagan’s sharp, clear, principled response, Obama has propped up dictators like Assad, Castro and Chavez while undercutting the Poles, the Kurds, the Baltic States, the Ukrainians, and other freedom-seeking people around the world.

Compare, contrast, and think for a moment for how far this nation has fallen in 33 years.

6 thoughts on “When Leaders Were Leaders

  1. Mitch, don’t you know that nothing is worse than receiving the disapproving glare of The Lightworker? Taking action and sanctions against a state is nothing compared to a firm talking to from Obama! Why, next thing you know he might actually start inviting you to a dialog and then you’re totally dished!

  2. And if you do something really bad, Dear Leader will make you drink a Bug Light at a Beer Summit. Talk about torture.

    And boy oh boy do I miss Reagan. He actually knew how to call evil, evil.

  3. “…vapid empty suit…” Normally one would put a ‘pardon the redundancy’ tag on a phrase like that, but with Barry, it’s completely appropriate. The best example was his “should have come to me first” line regarding Sony’s move to Nix the Nork Whacking Pic. Talk about the absolute last person I’d go to with a problem.

  4. We will be crying for the BMF OSS types that ran everything in WW2, soon. Ruthless bastards that cared about people and freedom.

  5. Just watched this with my 9mo. She was enthralled…for about 4 minutes. Then the puppy got her attention.

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