Liberal Math

A kid spends ten years in public school.  Then, less than a year as a home-school kid.  Then enrolls in a public university. 

And then kills his mother and 26 other people.   Four years after ending a year of home schooling.

Obviously it’s Home Schooling’s fault!

Under a new law proposed this week by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, every homeschooling parent with a child who has been labeled with a behavioral or emotional problem would be forced to submit to a host of strict, burdensome regulations.

The scheme put forth in the commission’s draft recommendations on mental health would require homeschooling parents to submit individual education plans regularly to a local education bureaucrat.

School officials could then decree whether parents may continue to educate their own children, reports the Connecticut Post. Administrators could pull the plug on any parents’ homeschooling by declaring that the child failed to make “adequate progress.”

Bear in mind that Lanza was well on his way to loopdie-land when he was in the public school system.  What good did any of them do? 

Members of the Democratic Governor’s Sandy Hook commission have conceded that the additional burdens they have recommended for homeschooling families may be controversial.

Dear Connecticut; the entire United States would be better off if the Blue States seceded – and if you want to get the ball rolling, that’d solve  problems for everyone.

8 thoughts on “Liberal Math

  1. Dear Connecticut; the entire United States would be better off if the Blue States succeeded seceded – and if you want to get the ball rolling, that’d solve problems for everyone.

    There, fixed it for you. You are welcome.

  2. This is almost as bad as when the District of Columbia “State” board of education decided that numerous failures on the part of their social services workers meant that the schools–already about the worst in the nation–were somehow competent to supervise homeschoolers.

    As if calling themselves the “state” board of education despite not being a state did not in itself prove that they were completely incompetent in the area of education.

  3. It’s a Clown Show all the way down.
    How about someone suggest that “Non-Profit” Agencies that take state aid money (like Community Action of Minneapolis) be required to submit financials to private CPA firms who will be required to publish their audits on the internet. Wonder if we’d learn that quite a few connected DFL’rs who claim that they “are sacrificing what they could be making in the private sector” by being a public servant are having their income ‘supplemented’ with kickbacks, er, um, board of director fees from the non-profits?
    Hey Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture – SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER!!…lol

  4. Selfores…..I would like to ask big gov’t/big tax Democrats if they can give us an estimate of how many gov’t programs have that kind of waste. :Lets get them to say something on the record.

  5. Chuck, progressives don’t care about government waste because they believe that any money spent by the government is less wasteful than money spent by anyone in the public sector for anything. Government spending is politically directed for the common good. If consumers or businesses spend money as they choose, it advances some narrow purpose that works against the public good.
    If they are against what they call waste in government spending — the proverbial $640 the military paid for a toilet seat — it isn’t so that the money can be returned to the taxpayer. Instead they would like to see the money spent on projects the progressives approve of, like salaries for more Dept. of Education bureaucrats.

  6. Almost as bad as the ‘Sandy Hook Truthers’ who believe that the shooting never happened. Yes people out there exist. Fringe lefties and righties are both a special kind of insane

  7. I thought you were making that Sandy Hook Truther thing up, so I googled it. Wow. Amazing stuff. Hundreds of people cooperating and nobody breaking ranks to get on TV and blow the whistle on the conspiracy.

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