It’s Contest Time!

The Democrats are unveiling a new slogan, we’re told.

If they’re going for something zippy but that is still compliant with “truth in advertising” laws, I’d suggest:

Stay The Curse!

But I’m open to other suggestions.

We may have a poll on this later….

NOTE:  Nominations close at 5PM.  Going to the primary is not an option.

NOTE 2: Nominations are closed (because PollHost has a maximum of 20 entries…)!

17 thoughts on “It’s Contest Time!

  1. “Look on our works, ye Mighty, and despair!”


    “We took the cannoli.”

    Local version:

    “We got yer Better Minnesota right here, pal.”

  2. “We’re Schumeriffic!”

    “Kneel Before Reid”

    “Democrats — One Every Minute”

    “Avoid the Road to Serfdom — Take the Light Rail”

    “You’re Getting Sleepy”

  3. 17 entries… someone can win with less than 5%… I vote we do a top 2 primary in which the highest vote getters face off head to head, like in CA. One of the few good ideas to come out of that state recently

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