Confronting The History Thief

Question: will the media force Elizabeth Warren – putatively the Democrat second choice after Hillary! – to meet with Cherokee women who’d like to talk with her about her phony claim to being a member of their tribe?

And profiting from it?

(Answer: Sure they will.  When they get done holding Ryan Winkler accountable for turning a SCOTUS justice into Stepin Fetchit).

5 thoughts on “Confronting The History Thief

  1. Mitch:

    The media is so worried about how they might destroy somebody’s life like Valerie P that they are too scared to put personal details in puff pieces. After all they don’t want to find out that they talked about a CIA covert officer by accident.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. When Any Democrat was shown this, he/she replied “but Bush but Bush but Bush but Bush……”

  3. I didn’t realize that MSM is promoting Warren for President. Heard it over hte weekend for the first time. I thought HIllary was a lock. Are they having 2nd thoughts about Grandma Hillary? And today….front page of USA Today has a gushing love story over Warren. Why after reading it, I want to vote for her.

  4. The solution is an Obama invention: have a press conference and surround yourself with actors in headdresses, announce your “oneness” with the tribe and declare ALL past sins forgiven by the actors. Problem solved.

  5. Megan McCardle attacked Warren as a hack scholar a few years ago:
    Before she became senator, Warren sat on the TARP board and created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Both of these government entities were created to transfer taxpayer money to large financial institutions in return for government influence in the decisions made by large financial institutions.

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