The Potemkin Law

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

House extended ban on all-plastic guns for another 10 years.  Meaningless gesture.  Nobody gets shot with them, banning them won’t stop people from making them any more than banning cocaine stops people from using it.  Posturing to divert attention from real government failures in every other area.

My grandson has a plastic gun.  He carries it in a holster on his cowboy belt when he rides his hobby horse.  I wonder if Rep. Paymar is intimidated by that, too?

Joe Doakes

Heather Martens will no doubt make them a priority in the next session.

To prevent them from “intimidating” other kids.

You think I’m joking.  But if I’ve learned anything living in a city full of liberals with no fear of being held accountable, today’s sardonic jokes are tomorrow’s laws.

Or yesterday’s laws, in some cases.

3 thoughts on “The Potemkin Law

  1. You are right Mitch! This morning, there was a story on the other conservative station about some elementary school kid in Georgia that was suspended for pointing an air bow and arrow at another kid. The nanny state class thinks that all of these feel good zero tolerance policies are really helping, when they are just plain stupid.

  2. The most disappointing thing about this whole miserable episode is that BATFE officials, who of all people should have known that you can detect bullets and casings with a metal detector, played along with this nonsense.

    Or, for that matter, BATFE officials ought to know that criminals by definition don’t follow the law……these guys have graduate level degrees and are complete imbeciles, aren’t they?

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