Minnesota Political Haikus

“No guns in capitol!”,
Michael Paymar says amid
Capitol Police.

Mulligan Session!
The only real question is
which “Fail” to start with.

The NARN is Fair-bound!
Again, the constant battle
against the cheese curd.

Chaos in Egypt.
How often must I explain
it’s not that “Morsi”.

35 choices
as Minneapolis votes.
“Instant” runoff? Hah!

The history books
Say we’re created equal.
Some, moreso, I guess.

Ryan Winkler called
Clarence Thomas “Uncle Tom”.
Thomas: “Sorry – who?”

Zygi Wilf? A crook?
He seemed so above reproach!
Who woulda thunk it?

Governor Dayton
sees Alida, starts to sweat.
“No more shock collar!”

Welcome, darling kids!
Time to meet your new sitter
Sal “Bug-Eyes” Rossi.

I’m not all that smart.
But I’m much smarter than one
Ph.D I know.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota Political Haikus

  1. Ace blogger Mitch Berg
    Calls Rep. Paymar “Kia Hamster”
    Kia Hamster cries foul

    Second tier blogger
    Mr. D digs haiku thing
    Limericks? Passe!

  2. Re: 35 choices
    On the plus side, the Cam Winton campaign is receiving a fair amount of positive local media attention.

  3. The “new sitter” composition, even though it’s a fine satire on the unionization debacle, is actually a serious concern to some (and their disabled family members) who are potential “beneficiaries” of Dayton’s union payback. Well done. Thanks for raising that aspect of the mess.

  4. Mitch Berg haiku’d:
    “Sal “Bug-Eyes” Rossi”
    You know what Anthony Wiener’s mob-name is?
    ‘The wiener’.
    Ha! I love that joke! Why does no one think it’s funny but me?

  5. I always thought that “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” had the beginnings of a number of great limericks.

    Never got the hang of those haikus. Too European-sounding for me …

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