False Flag

Speaking of gun rights – GOCRA sends an advisory:

There is a new astroturf group calling themselves “American Rifle + Pistol Association.” (Here’s the URL — I recommend against giving them PageRank by posting it, though: http://amriflepistol.com/ )

And I won’t post it as a link, for precisely that reason.

They are Obama-cheering, gun-control-supporting, MSNBC-watching, Moms-Demand-Action-loving, MAIG-parroting gun banners.

Don’t be fooled. DO spread the word.

Every few years, the left tries to float one potemkin “gun group” or another.  I can remember at least three over the years – and the ARPA is no exception

Here are the screenshots that show [Peter Vogt] the Connecticut converted to Texan Chairman of American Rifle & Pistol Association who is an Obama supporter who is pushing Bloomberg/MAIG’s gun control campaigns while helping to promote Moms Demand Action, a group trying to pressure companies to ban lawful concealed carry so gun owners can’t carry in public anymore and convince gun retailers to stop selling the most popular guns in the country.

They can’t beat us, so they’re going to try to co-opt us.

And they think this is the first time we’ve seen them try it.

1 thought on “False Flag

  1. They must be same “sensible” gun group Clinton and Kerry belonged to when they were demonstrating their hunting and shooting skills during their elections. I can’t believe that they think they can just throw out the name of an invisible association and expect the legitimate shooting public to be suckered.

    Speaking of hard-to-find groups, is the GOCRA still active? I haven’t heard anything from them since I mailed in by check and membership application in March. Several calls and e-mails did not prompt them to answer my questions as to the status of my membership. From Mr. Berg’s post, I assume that they are around. They were quite impressive this spring. I hope they become more member-involved when the gun issue and Mr. Paymar return …

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