Quinn’s Priorities

While Illinois governor Pat Quinn vetoed a firearm carry bill passed by a veto-proof, bipartisan majority of the Illinois (!) Legislature – for no better reason than to paymar the law-abiding gun owner – he did find the time to sign a bill that went way past “useless” and into “ritualistic depravity”:

The governor’s comments came after he signed a bill into law that would require local school districts to conduct safety drills to prepare for a possible shooting. The measure, which took effect immediately, will require schools to partner with local law enforcement agencies to develop and conduct a shooting drill at least once a school year. It’s up to each school whether students must be present for the exercise, and parents can choose to have their children sit out.

Of course, schools’ only response to a mass shooting is to “lock down” – i.e., provide shooters nice long rows of rooms full of orderly victims – and hope the police arrive.

The drill is useless at preventing mass deaths in these incidents – but it does train people, especially children, that without government intervention there is no hope.  Which is a key part of our public schools’ mission.

But I digress. 

And when the police arrive, they’ll do exactly law-enforcement has been trained to do with active mass shooter situations since the disaster at Columbine; try to get a shot at the perp as soon as possible.  Which is the only way to interrupt a mass-shooting; killing the shooter, or breaking their fantasy so they give up or kill themselves.

Which is something any civilian, or teacher, with a gun can do, and have done repeatedly.

3 thoughts on “Quinn’s Priorities

  1. Hey, if the people have the RKBA, then they can shoot back at Illinois criminals, most notably those living at 410 E. Jackson Street, Springfield, Illinois, as well as those working at 121 N. LaSalle St. in Chicago. :^)

    Is it any wonder Quinn wants to hamstring this one in clear violation of multiple court decisions?

  2. On a serious note, the article gives the clear indication that Pat Quinn really should be working at Capitol and 2nd in Springfield (another notorious criminal hideout) instead of on Jackson, don’t you think? (in other words, he’s trying to legislate, which at least ought to be banned by the Illinois state constitution, just like carpetbaggers from DC becoming mayor of Chicago……)

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