Go Time For Real Americans

This just in from the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance:

Senator Diane Feinstein has released her “Assault Weapon” ban proposal, and it is as bad as we expected, including a magazine limit of nine rounds, banning of rifles with even one incorrect cosmetic feature, and hundreds of specific guns banned by name.

 TODAY is the day to call Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken and tell them that you will not tolerate any further infringement of your rights.

Senator Al Franken (D)
Web contact form
Phone: (651) 221-1016
full contact information


Senator Amy Klobuchar (D)
Web contact form
Phone: 1-888-224-9043
full contact information

Get out and call them. And then your Representative.

The Congress fears and respects the power, numbers and tenacity of the Second Amendment movement.  We need to show them they need to fear us more – and turn that fear into action.  Or inaction.

I’m getting on the phone now.

4 thoughts on “Go Time For Real Americans

  1. Comment whacked, writer whacked.

    The Mitch Berg in bay port is no relation, “fact-checker”

    Is there a full moon or something?

  2. Why doesn’t DiFi find out what kind of car he drove to the school and try to ban that? The effect will be just the same.

  3. regardless that it likely fell on deaf ears that I advised them that no good comes from action based on emotion…especially legislative action, that violent crime rates have been falling nationally since the expiration of the Brady ban concurretly with more states passing shall issue laws, and that states with more restrictive gun laws have cities with unusually high violent crime rates…and along with the usual basic Second Amendment arguments…I still felt it worth the little time it took. I take some degree of optimism that their DFL ingrained fear of not getting re-elected will give them pause when considering the loonies bill.

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