Today’s Palate-Cleanser

As tireless a defender of the Second Amendment as I am, I do much prefer the times when the lefty politicians waste their crises once and for all, and just leave us alone.

But we’re not there.  Not yet.

So as a bit of a weekend mental apertif, I though I’d run the two Second Amendment videos of the week.

They’re below the jump (because one of them seems to launch automatically)

The first?  Ben Shapiro beating Piers “The Musketeer” Morgan like a baby seal:


Because when Real Americans argue the Second Amendment, we have two legs to argue on:

  1. We have the law on our side
  2. We have the facts on our side – and we universally do
  3. We’re smarter than our opposition, and anyone watching the debate knows it

If we fall short on any of them – as Alex Jones, predictably, did with #3 – then we might as well not have any of them. Because that’s the way it’ll be portrayed.

The next one? Stewart Mills of Mills Fleet Farm (a regional chain of stores selling everything from farming and livestock supplies to guns, hunting gear, cold-weather clothing and guns and ammo) explains to our uninformed, meme-spewing Congresspeople Nolan, Franken and Klobuchar what any shooter knows – the AR15 is no deadlier than a lot of common hunting firearms:

The duck gun is more powerful than the AR, especially up close. The AR15 is not “built to kill people as quickly as possible”, any gunny knows; it’s designed to function when covered in mud or sand or snow, and overheated, and to have a few bullets left when your enemy has stopped attacking you.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Palate-Cleanser

  1. I knew I liked shopping at Mills Fleet Farm. Now I know why.

    Most armies in Europe ban shotguns in war for a reason: they’re much more damaging. And no, I don’t want to go European.

  2. Yep.

    And they have among the best prices in the area on ammunition – so I’m happy to say I shopped there before, too.

  3. Earlier I watched the Mills video over on Powerline. Brilliant. I know our Senators are beyond hope (Franken wants to hire more mental health workers in schools to somehow prevent violence years later. This is stupid. Has he not heard about the “rights” of the mentally ill? But I digress. There is no cure for Franken or stupid.) But citizens who are still capable of independent thought need to see and hear logic in action.
    Shapiro was brilliant in bitch slapping the arrogant Piers Morgan down. The only thing he failed to do was mention that the Gabby Giffords and Major Hassan shootings were carried out with handguns.

  4. Shapiro put Piers on the defensive immediately. Alex Jones the 911 Truther did get in one valid point about Morgan’s past, possibly criminal involvement as the editor of the Daily Mirror and the phone hacking they engaged in but, with all his looney tune antics and many accusations it just flew by without anyone noticing.

  5. Outraged lefties have predictably vowed to boycott Mills, which has the company quaking in their rubber boots, no doubt.

    I’m guessing the Uptown and Mac-Groveland Fleet Farm stores are doomed as doomed can be now that the Birkenstock community will be firing up their Volvos to purchase their blaze orange clothes, ammo and horse tack from an outdoor store displaying the proper contempt for the constitution.

  6. jp, Morgan was a disgraced “journalist” for his tactics that were too underhanded even for liberal England. His career was derailed there, so he came over here. After all, when morons like Chrissy “Tingle” Matthews, Eddie Schulz, Rachel Madcow and Keith Olberman get a forum to spew their lies, he knew that he would find a home here.

    On another note re: the Mills piece, there’s nothing I like better than fine looking women with guns!

  7. Boss, it seems to me that Piers got out just before the phone hacking scandal hit. Was he involved? I think almost certainly he was.

    When Alex hit him with that Morgan flinched. I find it curious that Morgan has escaped that scandal without any explanation.

  8. I have a fear…a fear of the ignorant, the uninformed and the blatantly deceitful. And am troubled that that describes far too many of those elected to office.

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