In More News From The “Campaign For The Dumb And Uninformed Vote” Front…

Mitt Romney didn’t actually say “I Can Relate To Black People, My Ancestors Once Owned Slaves”, didn’t get his slogan from the KKK, and isn’t promising to abolish MLK day.

Hard to tell exactly who these meme’s be aimed at: the lower-information end of the Afro-American voter spectrum, or the more-bigoted college-educated white liberals.

17 thoughts on “In More News From The “Campaign For The Dumb And Uninformed Vote” Front…

  1. More confusing are Romney’s recent comments about healthcare reform. He recently said that he would repeal Obamacare but then reinstate some parts of it (kids on parent’s plan up to 26, protection for pre-existing conditions) that he considers good policy. But then a day or two later his spokesperson said that wasn’t what he said. So ????

    The problem with Romney is that it is difficult to know what he personally believes. It seems to change with the political winds.

  2. We should probably just elect him so we can see what he does. That’s an acceptable Democrat plan, isn’t it?

  3. Nobody wants to vote based on the “trust him and see what he does” argument. The problem for Romney right now is that he keeps changing his position on issues (some call it “shake the etch-a-sketch” campaigning), so it’s hard to even guess what he would do. Most voters, of any persuasion, want more definition than that.

    I think the problem for Romney is that he had to run hard and far to the right to get the nomination. To win the general election one has to be far more moderate, and Romney has to now run to the middle without angering the TEA party base types. It’s an impossible balancing act, but he’s making the effort. The problem with all this is I ask myself, “which do I believe? The conservative Romney or the new-and-improved moderate Romney”?

    Obama is the devil I know. Romney? Where he stands on issues is anybody’s guess. I never liked playing etch-a-sketch.

  4. “Obama is the devil I know.”
    At least from a political standpoint Barry is the devil incarnate, and demonstrably incompetent from the word go. That fact should make choices easier.

  5. Romney is more incompetent from a political standpoint. He’s behind and losing ground in the polls, and that’s the proof right there. If he were a political genius he’d be wiping Obama right now, and he’s losing. His messaging (quite frankly) stinks. His campaign staff should be fired and replaced. His etch-a-sketch strategy was all wrong. Mind you, it’s not ALL his fault. He had to get through a primary against a bunch of extremists that pulled him to untenable (toxic) positions, and backing away from those positions is quite difficult at this point.

    The pendulum is swinging. Even Bachmann finds herself in a tied race in the most conservative leaning district in Minnesota (redrawn to be even more conservative than it was). The times they are a changing.

  6. “Sanity” paraphrased: I like to chat, mostly to let you know what’s blowing through my head at the moment.

  7. Thanks, Troy. It’s always good to shoot the messenger when you can’t come up with a reasoned response. Rovian character assassination tactics. Love ’em, but that’s a cliche by now . . . nobody falls for it anymore.

  8. You want some real criticism? OK: you treat political competence like a good we should all be interested in right now. I cannot think of a less intelligent idea to put forward, but I have faith that you can and will.

  9. “Sanity” said:

    “Nobody wants to vote based on the “trust him and see what he does” argument.”

    When the “devil” you know sucks so very, very bad, a lot more than “nobody” are going to be interested in an alternative.

    And President Barack Obama does indeed suck that very, very bad.

  10. “you treat political competence like a good we should all be interested in right now.”

    It IS election season . . .

  11. Anybody who would vote for Obama (in 2008 or 2012) either doesn’t care about incompetence or doesn’t recognize it.
    We are talking about a guy who, when making the first political choice that had to be his, alone, chose Joe Biden for VP.
    What a friggin’ moron.

  12. Biden initially looked like a stupid choice to me too, but the contrast with Palin (talk about bad choices!) served well in the 2008 election. Biden (unlike Palin) is content to serve in the shadow. He won’t embarrass the president (ok, slightly, but in a lighthearted way) or “go rogue”. He’s safe. As the Republicans learned after Palin, there’s value in a “safe” pick. It turned out to be a smart pick, as it helped Obama win the 2008 election.

    Ryan is a better pick than Palin (IMO), but he isn’t without flaws for the ticket.

  13. “Sanity” said:

    “He won’t embarrass the president”

    If you had any credibility, “Sanity”, this would probably have snuffed it.

    Vice President Joe Biden is like a rodeo clown for the President. When the President says or does something stupid, like he often does, we know he can depend on Joe to do or say something twice as stupid.

    I don’t expect you to know that, you’ll believe anything. You’ll even believe “[h]e won’t embarrass the president”.

  14. I’m just saying he was a much better pick than Palin (comparatively speaking).

    How does Ryan help Romney, other than shoring up the more conservative base elements?

    How does Ryan capture the middle?

    Biden isn’t sexy, but my take is that he doesn’t hurt the ticket. To me he’s a milquetoast choice . . . like Gerald Ford.

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