Picking At The Veneer

Brian Lambert wants someone to do the reporting for him, in re my piece last week on the Koch flap:

Mitch says he’s friends with the two names involved in the incident. So call them up and have them, you know, emphatically, explicitly deny on the record what everyone is tittering about.

Heh.  Brian’s a kidder. He kids.

Nobody’s denying anything to me – partly because I’m not calling anyone to ask anything.  At this point, I don’t much care, because:

  • All I care about is the way forward for the GOP.  There’s a much bigger story in this flap than a bunch of high-level canoodling – and the MNGOP needs to focus on its future – not on feeding the Media’s agenda. Speaking of which…
  • Any digging I do do, will not be for the benefit of the mainstream media.  Any of them.  The Twin Cities’ mainstream media is nothing but the PR arm of the DFL.  Don’t believe it?  Compare the “rectal exams” the mainstream media gives to GOP candidates compared to the gauzy, soft-focus fluff jobs that Barack Obama and Mark Dayton got and continue to get.   Major, serious quesitons about Mark Dayton’s alcoholism and mental health were “covered” by one single Strib piece run eleven months before the election – which is about ten and a half months before anyone outside the wonk class was paying attention.  This is the template for all Twin Cities media political coverage.  Pass on details about GOP rhubarbs to the media?  Why not call them in to Ken Martin while I’m at it?
  • Mr. Lambert? If you can’t show me some evidence that you never, not even once, said about Clinton and Lewinski “It’s just about sex!  Moooooove on!”, then really, we have nothing to talk about.
Sorry, Media.  You spent decades staking out not only the GOP but individual Republicans as the enemy.  Don’t be surprised if we take you up on it once in a while.

3 thoughts on “Picking At The Veneer

  1. In the media wars we have to concede those who see all the warts on the GOP candidates never had any intention of voting for one. The fact is, if Jesus Christ were on the GOP ticket, they would find fault with his sandals and then vote for the democrat. Why we debate these people escapes me. When the media finds fault with the GOP they want us to debate them and explain why our faults are immaterial. We keep getting sucker-punched into a fight when the best strategy would be to ignore them.

  2. Observation: Lambert’s 12/22 post had a total of nine items. Four of the items were related to the Koch scandal, including an attempt to goad SitD proprietor MBerg into doing the reporters work for the reporter. The other five were individual items that were unrelated to the Koch scandal. This same 12/22 post had nine comments. Of those comments, FIVE were related the proprietor of this blog (including one by a commenter who I believe was the inspiration behind the “Is It Libel Yet?” series).
    Here’s the math: Mitch reference in one item of nine – 1/9 = 11%. Five comments of nine referencing Mitch – 5/9 = 56%.
    Lesson for lefty bloggers: If you want to generate heat in your comment section, mention Mitch Berg in your post.
    Lesson for Mitch: Want to have some fun with the lefty-sphere? Post the following one-word comment in the comment section of a lefty blog: BOO!!

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