The Yapping

Poor “Progressives”.

They can’t win elections.  Their politicians can’t do budgets (or, if they do, can never, ever make them work.  Even with years of unfettered control (from 2008 through 2010),  they can’t do anything useful with the economy.

And now even their protests suck:.

“We’re trying to find a caddy,” said a protester posing as Boehner. The Boehner impersonator stood beside impersonators of Minnesota Reps. Michele Bachmann, Erik Paulsen, Chip Cravaack and John Kline.

The “impersonators” were actually people wearing large cardboard cutouts of unflattering photos of the various politicians’ heads, looking like they were cut out from “Dump Bachmann” and blown up.  After eight years of constant caterwauling, they can’t even muster the energy to do those annoying papier-mache puppets anymore.

Cravaack wryly noted…:

“The people that we were speaking with were the job creators. They’re the people who employ Minnesotans,” Cravaack said of the attendees. “So we’re asking the question to them, ‘What is it going to take for you to invest in yourselves and create jobs?'”

He added that businesses are skittish about making that investment with the threat of new taxes and regulations from the Obama administration.

“Taxing companies right now in a recession is not going to create jobs,” Cravaack said. “It’s going to take jobs away.”

But to the progressive worldview, it’s government’s job to create jobs.


By hiring lots of people who’ve never used shovels for a living for “shovel-ready” jobs? (What the hell is a “shovel-ready” job?  Outside of patching streets, what job in the world today actually uses shovels?)

By waving the magic government wand, perhaps?

They can’t even think of original chanting points:

Protesters accused the Minnesota congressmen of meeting with wealthy donors while proposing cuts to the middle class and not creating jobs. One sign read “People before profits,” and the crowd chanted “Hey-hey-ho-ho, corporate greed has got to go.”

Criminy – even Saul Alinsky is rolling in his grave.

7 thoughts on “The Yapping

  1. Wonder where the protestors were when the President attended a fundraiser on his birthday?
    Of course, those were the “right” sort of millionaires, the kind who pontificate paying their “fair share” and go right on ploughing their wealth into tax shelters.
    Do the protestors understand that a two hundred thousandaire is really not a billionaire, and never will be? Or that real millionaires are becoming an endangered species?

  2. I used to be a landlord, renting to college students who attended a private college in St. Paul but wanted to live off-campus.

    One of my tenants told me her ambition was to work for a non-profit company because they pay well but aren’t evil (profit = greed = evil). So it’s okay for you, personally, to be greedy, but not for the person who pays you?

    She didn’t get it.

  3. “Shovel-ready jobs” are the ones where everyone works on the collective farm, digging the rows and weed the crops by hand. Once we get rid of Big Agriculture and Big Oil, we won’t have tractors and combines so we’ll have lots and lots of “shovel-ready jobs”.

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