Royalty Doth Deighn

Via David Brauer, I see former governor Arne Carlson has a blog.

Well, don’t get too excited; he’s done four posts so far.  But the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as they say.

Carlson dislikes being called a “backstabber” in “Politico” for his tireless work against Tim Pawlenty (and of course Tom Emmer) over the past nine years.  Carlson doesn’t like being criticized, naturally; he tells us so.

Now, the Minnesota GOP tossed Carlson, and a bunch of other former GOP officeholders who actively campaigned against Tom Emmer and, by extension, the party’s nascent conservatism, this past election.

Now, Carlson has the right to his opinion.  And he knows it, naturally: he makes no bones about his not liking the current crop of conservative Republicans, including Pawlenty:

It is no secret that I have serious qualms about the candidacy of Governor Pawlenty and do not believe his claims of prudent financial management come anywhere close to the truth. Hence, the scrutiny will continue……….

He even told Politico that he’d go on the road, pay any price and bear any burden to try to keep Pawlenty out of the White House (emphasis added):

I will go to Iowa and New Hampshire and have press conferences, if it comes to that,” he told POLITICO in an interview. “With Tim Pawlenty, I’m outraged that his record is one of the worst in Minnesota history, and he refuses to answer any relevant question.”

Now, Carlson is entitled to his opinion.  Of course, his own record is one of a governor who ruled in generally good times; 1990-1998 was a pretty cha-cha time in Minnesota, barring a brief recession early on as the Defense industry retrenched and the Iron Range went through its usual, eternal spasms.  The booming economy gave Carlson repeated budget surpluses – which he promptly turned into permanent entitlement spending, which promptly turned into deficit-fodder when times turned tough in 2000 and again in 2008.   State government zoomed in size.   His own record is that of someone who spent money like a crack whore with a stolen gold card.  We, The People of Minnesota, financed his spending spree with a healthy cut off of our take from the good times in this state.  Had he governed in tough times – as Pawlenty did, through two recessions – he’d have presided over a California-like collapse, in all likelihood.

That’s fine.  Again, he can have his opinion.

But the regional media would have you believe that we, the current MNGOP, have to continue paying obeisance and honor to someone who not only spits on what we believe, but actively tries to use his old (ancient!) party credentials against us, and our candidates, and our most successful alumnus so far!

What would the DFL do to someone like that?  Ask Randy Kelly!

Forget about calling Arne Carlson a “Quisling”, as Tony Sutton did – accurately, if a bit hyperbolically.

We’re not supposed to criticize him in any way – as if having been a spendthrift governor in cha-cha times gives him papal-esque infallibility.

16 thoughts on “Royalty Doth Deighn

  1. His name, brought out of the cellar like you have done, makes my toes curl in anxiety. Having an R behind his name was a chapter in the history of the state we could all easily ignore. If he’s unhinged by the Tea Party – he’s the reason conservatives jumped ship.

  2. “Now, the Minnesota GOP tossed Carlson….”

    “I will go to Iowa and New Hampshire and have press conferences, if it comes to that,” he told POLITICO in an interview.

    I don’t know if the Demoncrats would have him?

    He’s betrayed every conservative out there with his big self aggrandizing mouth. He committed seppuku, and no one wants anything to do with a stinking gutted fish. Even the people at his former FL condo didn’t want anything to do with him, so he moved. Wish he’d leave here as well, maybe Chicago or Detroit will have him.

    Hey Arne, keep your gig with Esme Murphy, it’s about all you got.

  3. Detroit is dying. Add Carlson to the mix and you might as well call in the bulldozers.

  4. Dear Lord: Please help us all out here in Minnesota and call Arne Carlson to his eternal reward. Because we’re all so tired of listening to his circus clown chase down the nearest microphone or camera for the dual purpose of running down the Republican Party and continue his narcissistic behavior that is only trumped by Heir Great Leader currently occupying the White House.

  5. Two things I’d add about former Governor Carlson:

    1) School choice, Carlson did push for a (limited to Saint Paul IIRC) voucher plan during his second term but it died in committee. Ironically I seem to recall that he was endorsed by Education Minnesota (or whatever they were called at the time) when he ran for reelection in part because he opposed vouchers during the primary against Quist. Sort of like how our next governor, Ventura, ran as an “anti-NAFTA” candidate but later became known for his support for freer trade.

    2) Corporate welfare – Carlson was a huge proponent of taxpayer financed sports stadiums and other business subsidies. This put him at odds with the national GOP who at the time battled with the Clinton administration over his request for additional business subsidies in the 1995 budget.

  6. “circus clown chase down the nearest microphone or camera”

    Didn’t you mean to say “ass clown?” Just curious.

    No, I think that Arne is from NY originally, the home of RINOs. Maybe he can move to MA and be Bawney Fwank’s pool boy!

  7. MyGovIsNuts wrote:

    Dear Lord: Please help us all out here in Minnesota and call Arne Carlson to his eternal reward.

    Perhaps you should direct your call to a different area code . . .


    (I kid, I kid)

    All kidding aside, I don’t regret voting for Carlson over Marty in the general election (although I seem to recall that the Libertarian candidate was a pretty swell fellow) but I think Mitch is taking the right approach – don’t demonize the guy, just set the record straight on his supposed “accomplishments” and show how his rhetoric doesn’t match his actions.

  8. Just a reminder this is the list of RINO’s that are kicked out of the MN GOP for a least the next 2 years (permanent would’ve worked better for me): Arne Carlson, Al Quie, George Pillsbury, Peggy Leppik, Neil Peterson, Dennis Ozment, Roger Scherer, David Jennings, Ed Oliver, Lynne Osterman, Dave Bishop, Bill Schreiber, Art Seaberg, Rod Searle, Dave Durenberger, Doug Kelley, Joanell Drystad, Al Olson.

    Carlson is without a doubt the very worst of the lot. “F” the big tent B.S., let these stinking dead fish rot!!!

  9. Arne Carlson. Babs Carlson. David Jennings. Dee effing-Long….. You bastards.

    The memories of those people were blissfully but more importantly quietly sitting in braincells just waiting to die via daily alcohol poisoning and then they got dredged up.

    Ugh, more alcohol please. Make them go away.

  10. Arne Carleson never won the GOP endorsement for governor, and left Minnesota so disillusioned with the two party system we got a wrestler as governor. Not the best track record.

  11. Arne Carlson was, and is, a “head-patting” Republican – one those “Republicans” who are easily accepted by the left because the policies that they embrace(d) are quite indistinguishable from those on the other side. He’s one of those losers who fits in very easily when he sits in on Almanac
    Arne Carlson is nowhere.
    For my money, and I doubt the guy would even want the job – but how about Jason Lewis for some high elected office?
    And that brings up another item on my mind now (been a long day, please forgive me) – how come no mention of Jason Lewis on this blog? Jason Lewis is for real. We need someone like him in office just as surely as we need him on the airwaves on our drive home from work.
    Where are the Jason Lewis fans? What’s going on here…

  12. Just realized – the problem isn’t with fitting in on Almanac – Reagan would have too. The problem is with being head-patting Arne Carlson.
    And Jason Lewis would probably fit in on Almanac too! So that’s not the issue.
    Good evening, ladies and gents. My apologies for rants on a late night – I know that’s an unusual thing to encounter on blogs…

  13. OK. One more, since I’m on a roll.
    I would totally support a Mitch Berg run for office, too!
    Again – probably wouldn’t want the job…

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